Sunday, December 14, 2008

Morelos – Richfield, MN

You’ve heard Gerd and I complain about the lack of quality Mexican food in the Twin Cities. Well, we’ve now changed our mind. We got a recommendation from our neighbor for Morelos. Apparently it’s well-respected when it comes to authentic Mexican food.

We had no idea what to expect, but when we walked in, it seemed very close to what we’ve been used to at quality meskin places. Tables, chairs, decorations all seemed to indicate we were in for a treat. The menu was really extensive and had some authentic dishes on it.

The chips and salsa were really good. We’ve had better, but it was above average so we still had high hopes. We also had to sample the margaritas – and you can’t sample with a small size, you have to get the large size – which we did…

Gerd got the Enchiladas Rancheras which were a couple of chicken enchiladas with rancheros sauce on them. She was REALLY pleased with this dish. She kept raving about it. I got a couple of bites from it and it was ultra cheesy. I’d get this anytime and I’m not a huge fan of enchiladas.

I can’t remember the name of what I got, but it was in the “hot” section. Something Maria Diablo Pollo – which I think translates as “Hail Mary, Chicken of Satan” as it was really spicy. Not bad spicy either. It had awesome flavor. I’m not one of those people who will sacrifice flavor for heat. For me, it has to taste good, and this did. I will tell you this dish is really spicy though. And of course, I would get it again and recommend it to anyone who can handle the spice.

Bottom line – we will visit this place numerous times in the next couple of years and we are no longer embarrassed by Twin Cities Mexican food.

Top 5 things about Morelos
1. Maria Diablo Chicken
2. Enchiladas Rancheras
3. LARGE margaritas
4. Really large portions
5. The staff was super nice and helpful

Bottom 5 things
1. We didn’t find it sooner
2. No menus-to-go. You can get to-go orders, but you can’t bring a menu with for your car
3. In a strip mall, but still awesome

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