Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kinh-Do – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd and I went to this restaurant because we had seen it a million times on Hennepin Ave. We hadn’t really heard anyone say good things about it, but there always looked like there were people there. I know people have complained that this restaurant is touted as being Vietnamese and isn’t, but regardless of its authenticity, it’s pretty darn good.

We arrived and were seated right away. People in there, but not crowded at all. The menu is actually quite large, so be prepared to have some idea of what you want before you go there. They have fresh spring rolls, so we were excited about those. And we weren’t let down at all. They were great.

Gerd got the Curry Shrimp which looked super good on the menu. I got the Triple Crown. The Curry Shrimp is a Vietnamese curry which isn’t terribly spicy, but still has some zip to it. Gerd was bummed at the sheer tonnage of onions that were in it and wished there were more pieces of shrimp in it. However when she was finished, she said she was stuffed, so she took it back – she liked it a lot. The Triple Crown had beef, chicken, and shrimp in a bunch of vegetables and a brown gravy (you know I have to get in as much gravy as I can in 2008). It was perfect. I only had to pick out a couple of onions and I wolfed everything else down. Great food, despite not being “authentic.”

Staff were super helpful. I asked our waiter what a dish was on someone else’s plate and he told me without question. All of the food looked super good there, so I have no complaints about mine nor anyone else's. They also have a large vegetarian selection, and many dishes can be made vegan, if that’s your thing.

Top 5 things about Kinh-Do
1. Spring rolls
2. Triple Crown
3. Curry Shrimp
4. Super staff
5. Really large menu

Bottom 5 things
1. They love their onions
2. If you’re Asian, you won’t think it’s authentic. If you’re Caucasian, you won’t care
3. Word on the street is only one free refill on sodas – not confirmed
4. Not much parking
5. Small portion of rice with dinner, though the waiter did ask if he could bring more for us

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Lora said...

We LOVE Kinh-Do - we used to live in an apartment right behind the parking lot, and on a good day we could smell all of the amazing cooking. Heavenly.

On a bad day, we could smell the dumpster.

Anyway, we will go there with you any time. Max even likes it - well, he likes to eat "nuggets" and run up and down the stairs to the bathroom, but still.