Friday, October 2, 2009

Experimental Food Night (B&B Edition) – Minneapolis, MN

Normally, once a week, I head over to M. and Trash Giant’s house for Experimental Food Night. As some of you know, this night is called this because Trash finds horrific foods (in her opinion) and makes them for M. Giant and I to eat. M. Edium never partakes in these culinary adventures, but EyeHeartPizza has gotten used to the visual and flavor oddities enough that she’s totally on board at this point.

This week, M. Giant was feeling particularly saucy and decided to create his own concoction of deliciousness. I hadn’t even heard this was the plan, so it was a complete surprise when I was told M. Giant had made dinner this evening. As some background, Callous-un was in town and got to eat some of Trash’s vegetarian lasagna (they’re both vegetarian tree-huggers, so they get along splendidly). I was in class so I missed it. Before I even heard what M. Giant had made, I knew I was going to like it!

When I heard it was lasagna, I assumed it was re-heated leftover veggie lasagna (which I would have eaten without complaint, I’m sure). But then he told me it was BACON BARBEQUE LASAGNA!!! This was going to be the best xmas ever and it wasn’t even xmas!!! But wait, it was xmas because M. Edium had bought me an xmas present on their recent vacation and was having serious issues with containing his joy (and also containing the secret). So I was presented with a poo-shaped Frisbee called a bison chucker for xmas. Best xmas present I have received for the 2009 holiday season. We’ll see if my parents can top this one…

I give you… … … Bacon Barbeque Lasagna.

Apparently, the original plan was to crumble up bacon and mix it in with the meat and use BBQ sauce instead of marinara. Unexpectedly, Trash suggested that and entire layer of the lasagna be made of bacon strips, which is clearly the better option. Thank you, Trash for making this brilliant dish even more brillianter.

This thing was really good. Weird but good. Your head kind of knows what lasagna is supposed to taste like, and this clearly confused the senses. But when you taste the BBQ sauce, it’s good. When you taste the super thick layers of cheese, it’s better. And when you taste the bacon, it’s worth calling your friends and bragging about.

Trash didn’t seem to care for the meat-free piece she tried, but EyeHeartPizza approved. And M. Giant and I were totally happy with it. That’s the important part. I’m really going to have to step up my game when I make dinner next time. The bar has been set way high.

Well played, M. Giant. Well played, indeed.

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