Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Jack Taco – Taco Bell

Whenever the geniuses at Taco Bell develop a new item, I can’t wait to try it. I didn’t even know they HAD a new item out since I don’t watch that much TV, but when I drove past and saw the window decals, I knew I had to stop.

Apparently, this taco shell is dyed black and is a regular taco but with pepperjack cheese sauce inside. Honestly, it’s nothing special, but I really liked the cheese sauce in it. It still has regular cheese in it as well, but the pepperjack sauce is pretty darn tasty.

It’s not going to make you buy stock in Taco Bell or make you switch to the new TB-only Diet, but I’ll get it again, for sure.

No top 5, sorry.


Ruby James Vita said...

I had one last week. DAMN YOU!

Matt said...

that particular one doesn't look interesting to me. how would you rate the stuff we've both tried in the last couple years? my tops would be the bacon cheddar taco item from not too long ago. i also liked the nacho version of the 1/2 pound burrito (current promo), but the thing is surprisingly small. i mean, i don't want to bitch, but the commercial LIED TO ME THROUGH SONG.