Monday, October 19, 2009

Sauce Spirits & Soundbar – Minneapolis, MN

After EyeOpeners at the VFW (our regular liquid brunch spot on Sundays), someone suggested we head over to Sauce to see what kind of brunch offerings they had. It was halftime of the Vikings game, so we had to go someplace with televisions so we didn’t miss anything (so I was told). When we walked past we saw a group of our friend sitting there enjoying brunch as well, so we piled in and grabbed a table near them (but more importantly near the television).

There is a table tent kind of drink menu with all kinds of girly drinks and specials on it. but the hilarious part is all the drinks named after Beastie Boys songs. Hilarious. And some of the drinks looked delicious. And then there’s a drink with something vodka, something new, something freaky and something blue – I should have gotten it, but I didn’t. Next time, though.

The breakfast menu isn’t huge, but it’s got some winners on it and there’s enough to make sure you’ll find something on it. And the best part is the breakfasts come with a free Bloody Mary or Mimosa. I knew I’d be getting breakfast so I asked for a Mimosa right away and would figure out the food part later. While I was waiting, I went over and harassed our other friends since I hadn’t seen them in a while. One of them was eating a breakfast pizza that looked delicious. Really really delicious. That was all I needed to make my decision.

When our waitress came back I ordered the breakfast pizza. It already comes with eggs and pesto sauce, but you get to pick three additional ingredients from a big list of meats, veggies, and cheese. I went with bacon (dur), sausage, and goat cheese (the most evil of the cheese family). I was anxiously awaiting this meal, based on what I had seen at the other table.

The drinks came out and mine looked super classy. That’s how I roll with my Mimosas

The drink was fine, but I was hoping it would be in a pint glass like everyone else who ordered Bloody Marys. But thankfully, I didn’t complain about mine like the Bloody Mary drinkers did. Apparently, the Bloodys were too celery tasting – across the board – everyone complained about it. But thankfully, my friends dumped enough tabasco sauce in their drinks to make them palatable again.

My pizza came out and looked fantastic. Really. I’m not lying.

After the first bite, I knew I had ordered the right thing. The crust is not a traditional crust, it’s that kind of wafer thin crust that works well with breakfast foods. There was plenty of bacon and sausage on here as well. You’d think the pesto sauce wouldn’t go well with bacon, but you’d be wrong. It was awesome. I was worried there wasn’t enough goat cheese on the thing for my taste, but honestly, it ended up being the perfect amount. Enough to taste it, but not enough to overpower the whole thing. HotGirlsBrother tried a piece and was really impressed as well, so it wasn’t just me and it wasn’t just because I had a bunch of drinks at the VFW before coming to eat.

I’m glad mine was good, because some of the other people complained about their meals. Apparently, if you order stuff with Chorizo, they bring out six quarter-sized slices of cooked chorizo on a plate in a sextagonal arrangement. People were pretty bummed about this, though they said the chorizo itself was good. I think it was just expectation vs reality that incited the anger. Other than that, I think people were mostly good with their food flavors.

Based on the breakfast pizza, I think this place is great for brunch. But some people were really put off by the chorizo incident (which I’m not sure why since they all said the flavor was good, just not the portioning). I’ll go here again, fo sho.

Top 5 things about Sauce
1. Breakfast Pizza
2. Free drinks with breakfast
3. We had an awesome waitress
4. Beastie Boy girly drinks
5. It’s vegetarian-friendly

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd would have loved this place for brunch (especially with our friends), but she would NOT have been happy about watching Brett Favre play for the Vikings
2. Everyone complained about the chorizo
3. The mimosa would have been better if it were in a pint glass
4. There was a d-bag in there that asked everyone for a smoke and then got all pissy when none of us had one
5. Everyone complained about the Bloody Marys and the too-much-celery