Thursday, October 22, 2009

Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN

Some of the kickball people get together on Wednesday nights, even though kickball season is over. Tonight’s get-together was at the Triple Rock Social Club, due to the fact that every Wednesday night is free bacon night!!! All you can eat bacon, brought to your table upon request starting at 9pm. What else do you need? The answer is nothing.

I walked down the street to the Triple Rock since I was 3 blocks away at class. I found my people who had already filled up a booth. I grabbed a bar stool and a menu and set to deciding. The menu actually has tons of things on it. Tons of vegetarian and vegan options, which I know people really like. I didn’t realize they had as much food as they do. I ordered a girly drink, which I of course got mocked for, and asked the waitress whether I wanted a “Big Ass Meat Sandwich” (yes, that’s what it’s called) (it’s a bacon sandwich with a slice of ham and covered in cheese) or the Poutine. She told me the Poutine is pretty good. I also love saying the word Poutine over and over in public. It makes me giggle.

They brought the first basket of bacon. I’m guessing there are like 10-12 slices of bacon in each basket. I reached for my camera to take a photo of it, and this is what I got.

The scavenging bastards ate the entire thing in under 10 seconds. Which is why we had to get like 5 more baskets. I will tell you I ate FAR more bacon than I should have. HotGirlsBrother is right, the earlier bacon is crispier and more done. The subsequent bacon is, however, exactly how I like it. Throw it in the grease, turn it over and serve it. I like it hot, fatty, and floppy (like my ladies – Wait. What?) It was awesome.

The poutine came out and no one had ever heard of it, oddly (except for LowVee, which isn’t odd at all, actually). I assumed people were familiar with it, especially this close to Canada. It’s a Canadian staple, from what I understand. I even said, “What, you guys haven’t heard aboot this stuff?” just to make it official. It’s simply French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. Sounds gross, but everyone at the table who tried it loved it. Why? Because it’s delicious.

The fries were crispy and the cheese curds were all melty. It was awesome.
Just do yourself a favor and go to the Triple Rock on Wednesday nights. Get there early to secure a table. Sure you’ll need a roll of paper towels to wipe the grease off your person when you leave, but it’s totally worth it. Just don’t go on bacon night anytime before you’re getting your cholesterol or triglycerides checked or anything…

Top 5 things about the Triple Rock Social Club
1. Unlimited bacon (this should be every one of the top 5 things)
2. Poutine was great
3. They make girly drinks without too much mocking from staff
4. Seriously diverse menu with vegetarian and vegan options as well as carnivorous delights
5. There was a random with a “BOBO” patch on his jacket. I took a photo of it for Coach, since he’s trying to bring the phrase back into the English vernacular.

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved poutine, and would have reminded me of when we were in Portland with Chicken Little puking his guts out next to me eating poutine. Those were the days…
2. I totally missed out on the first round of bacon because of the vultures
3. I eat bacon until it’s gone (as a general rule), and they just keep bringing more – this is a bad combo for my guts
4. I was on a tall barstool while towering over everyone at the booth – I commented “this is what TheDoctor feels like all the time”
5. I need to go back and order about 15 other things on the menu, including for a Saturday or Sunday brunch.

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Ruby James Vita said...

I can't stand the Triple Rock, but need to go there and eat now.