Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acapulco – Stillwater, MN

Gerd and I needed to get out of town and try some new Meskin food places. We headed up north (more east than north) and went to Stillwater. We heard this Acapulco place was good, and since we love good Meskin food, we hopped in the car. By the way, Stillwater is a wonderfully quaint town. We'll be hanging out there this winter, fo sho.

We found the place off a frontage road (and a few other fun-looking restaurants to which we will return). The place kind of looked like a mexicanized version of Don Pablos (which is a good thing). Maybe a mexicanized version of Chevy’s as well. It looked promising.

We got an appetizer since we were starving. Something called the “5 scoop” something or other. It was really good. It had some special world renowned cheese sauce, beans and rice, salsa verde, and other goodies. It was the perfect appetizer. (Probably got more full than we would have liked, but two baskets of chips and salsa didn’t help either…). But make sure you ordered something that includes the world famous cheese sauce if you go here.

Gerd got the Chilaquiles Mexicanos. This is a dish she has seen me order and love, so she took a chance and was pleasantly surprised. It’s basically a bed of chips with chicken, cheese and ranchero sauce on top, kind of a super awesome casserole. It was super awesome. I usually prefer the salsa verde, but the ranchero sauce was a welcome change.

I got the Puerco En Chile Verde (I told you I liked salsa verde), which is pieces of pork in green salsa. Again, I’ll call your attention to my hatred of high-labor foods. Despite my aversion to ordering food which I have to build/assemble, this ended up being really good. The sauce was perfect and the pieces of pork were very tender and not fatty. Perfect dish.

Gerd was feeling dessert-y, so she got some fried ice cream. The crust on the outside was a little weird texture-wise, but I notice there wasn’t much on the plate when we left. I had a couple of bites of the ice cream inside, but I’m not really a dessert guy. It was fine, I guess, as fried ice cream goes.

Top 5 things about Acapulco
1. The 5 layer scoop
2. Fun atmosphere and decor
3. Good chips and salsa
4. Large drink menu
5. Chilaquiles

Bottom 5 things
1. Fried ice cream
2. None of the locations are close (all outer metro)
3. Gerd didn’t like lima beans in the rice (but *I* did)
4. The waiting area to be seated was arctic
5. Great food, but still not really authentic

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