Monday, October 6, 2008

General Pancho Villa – Brooklyn Park, MN

So we were driving around trying to find some Mexican, which (mainly due to the fact that Mexico is REALLY far from Minnesota) is very difficult to do in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. We had one in mind but we said, if we find another Mexican restaurant before we get to our destination, we’re stopping there. We found one. In a strip mall.

Despite my previous distrust of strip mall restaurants, I think I’ve come around to be more tolerable of them. We walked inside General Villa and were one of two groups of people inside this place. We grabbed the menus and set about ordering. Seemed to be mostly traditional Mexican dishes so our part would be hard to screw up – it’s up to the restaurant after that.

To start with, the chips and salsa were really good – spicy but good. This reinforces my policy of waiting until the drinks (or water) hit the table before sampling the chips and salsa – just in case. I got the chimichanga and Gerd got the chicken enchiladas. The chimichanga was amazing. Two kinds of cheeses and some enchilada sauce. It was very generously proportioned – I ended up bringing half home and I’m not a pans. The chicken enchiladas ruled as well. I don’t generally take the gamble of the roulette wheel that is enchilada red sauce. However, this stuff was really good. Lots of cheese, lots of flavor, and lots of enchilada.

Despite the horrific experiences we’ve had with Mexican food since we moved to Minneapolis, we’ve had a couple of meals at Mexican restaurants that make me think there’s hope. I’d recommend this place. And don’t think I won’t comment on the number of years Pancho spent in the military to become a General. It’s not Infantryman Pancho, it’s GENERAL – don’t forget it.

Top 5 things about General Pancho Villa
1. Enchilada sauce
2. Generous portions
3. Multiple cheesey goodness
4. Mexican soap operas on the TVs
5. Got full and brought home left overs for under $20

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd hates it when pop is served in a can since it slows down her drinking of 32 sodas (I didn’t say stopped)
2. The bathroom had freshly been cleaned with a bucket of bleach – I almost passed out
3. GPV is really far out of the way
4. Gerd complained about too many vegetables on top of her enchiladas
5. No margaritas

Map to General Pancho Villa

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