Monday, October 13, 2008

Brookview Golf Course – Golden Valley, MN

As stated in a prior post, my nephew came up for a visit and brought his golf clubs to force me to play golf. We decided at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoon, that we should play another round. Hmmm. Where to go. Again, we picked at random and came up with Brookview. Looks like a lot of water and some mature trees. Let’s do it.

We raced to get there and there were very few people out, so we got right on the course. We were flying. Finished 9 holes in less than an hour and a half. This course was on par (pun intended) with most public courses I’ve played, though it was quite a bit harder. There is water in play on 16 of 18 holes. (For those that don’t know – that’s a LOT). The course had some great elevation and used the water very well. Some tricky holes. The course showed some wear, but was still in pretty good shape. Not run down at all.

The staff was pretty standoff-ish and a little rude, but I’ve seen worse. Those people made the day less enjoyable, but we still had a good time.

Since were racing through the course, we went in and extended our play to the back nine in hopes of finishing all 18 before it got dark. We were stuck behind a slow group so we skipped the hole they were on and went past them to the next one. Apparently, this was a no-no an we got the course marshall all up in our face (along with some crotchety old guy that told us if we were in his way, he didn’t have a problem hitting us. Nice, old man. I hope he didn’t have a problem with me hitting his ball back to him if he came close to us either. Whatever. We returned to our rightful place behind our original slow group and just kept right on their tail. We ended up finishing all 18 holes in close to 3 hours and before it got completely dark.

I ended up winning this round by like 5 strokes due to my nephew loosing like 12 balls in the water. Again, we laughed waaaaay too much but still had a great time. I’d golf here again, but not before I’d golf at Edinburgh.

Top 5 things about Brookview
1. Great use of water hazards, sand, and hills
2. I hit the majority of my shots in the fairway – which never happens
3. Finished in 3 hours – that’s FAST
4. Course was in pretty good shape
5. Pretty affordable

Bottom 5 things
1. Rude staff
2. Lots of leaves (I know it’s fall, but it got annoying after a while)
3. No beer cart
4. A lot of parallel fairways, which my nephew took full advantage of
5. Group in front taking multiple shots when they KNEW we were behind them


Patrick said...

I sometimes think the worst part of golfing is the other golfers on the course. Admit it, you were tempted to sneak up to the next hole and crap in the cup. Glad fisticuffs didn't break out.

Chao said...

Oh, it was considered... The worst part was he hit at us on another hole - blatantly. He was an ass. I heard you and Bryon hooked up at Deere Run. Any thoughts? They don't let my kind of people play there... ha ha ha

Patrick said...

Deere Run was fun though the course wasn't in great shape. Did Bryon tell you how we went back a hole to look for a wedge I forgot and we found his instead?