Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uptown Bar and Cafe – Minneapolis, MN

Coach and Toach came up to visit for the weekend. We had planned it around one fun event, but we knew we had to take them to some of our favorite local haunts. We’ve been to the Uptown like 100 times, but it’s always awesome. There’s always waaaay too much food and you can get screwdrivers and blood marys at 8am. Wurd.

If you get there early enough you won’t have to wait around for a table (usually 10 is the latest you can get there and not wait). We did, thankfully. We got a booth and ordered some drinks – some of us ordered a screwdriver and got mocked for it. Whatever, I got a(nother) Uptown bar glass out of the deal.

I ended up getting the gyro omelet; Gerd got a #5, eggs, bacon, and toast on a giant bed of hash browns. And Coach and Toach got the same thing – a meat and cheese omelets. Coach was shocked at how much sausage was inside this four-egg omelet. It was like 46 sausage links. He claims he’s never eaten that much sausage, which made me laugh. Toach commented on how awesome the bacon was, and they both got plenty full. Gerd’s eggs came with cheese on them and were really good. Gerd also was mui full. My gyro omelet was the best thing on the menu in my opinion. Just the right amount of stuff in this thing. Gyro meat, cheese, and hasbrowns wrapped in an omelet. Perfection.

This is one of our staple places for breakfast, so if you come visit us, we’ll take you here for sure. Just go here.

Top 5 things about the Uptown
1. Gyro omelets
2. Super thick cut bacon
3. Alcoholic beverages for breakfast - wurd
4. They have bands play at night – good independent bands
5. The no-smoking law in MN makes this place much more fun

Bottom 5 things
1. Bar-side booths are too small
2. Have to wait if you get there after 10am
3. Some of the tables on the “stage” are card tables and are a tad unstable
4. You can’t ever finish your meal – I guess that’s not all bad
5. Easy to confuse with the Uptown diner (on the same road) (which is also good)

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