Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Kitchen – Minneapolis, MN

Yes, it’s really called “Our Kitchen.”

We’ve been driving past this place for a few months and we always cracked up at how small it was. Add that to the fact that it always looked like there were people waiting outside to get in here, and we determined that if it was good enough to wait for, then it was a place we needed to go to.

Seriously, here is how small the place is:

The place seats 19 people MAX – we counted. Gerd literally RAN to the door because she saw someone pulling into the parking lot. So we sit down and see people walk to the door and then stenad there for 25 minutes while other people finished their breakfast. Then we saw tons of other people walk to the window, see that it was totally full, and then walk back to their cars. All because Gerd ran to the door. There aren’t any tables – you’re either sitting at the counter watching them cook, or you’re sitting at a counter on the wall facing the window. Either way, you’ve got something to watch.

Gerd ordered the Kitchen Special, which was eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, pancake, and coffee. I got a ham and cheese omelet with pancake and hashbrowns. The food was awesome. I know there’s only so much you can do with your standard breakfast, but it was just plain good. The hashbrowns were handmade and perfectly cooked. The eggs were awesome. We’r enot even sure what was in the pancakes, but they were both awesome. And the sausage and ham were both awesome.

While we were there eating, these high school girls came in wearing old-timey dresses and ordered breakfast. Then a girl came in with a camera and an assistant and started taking photos. Now, I’ll remind you that there’s no freaking room at all in this place, but that didn’t stop them. They took hilarious photos of the two girls look lovingly into each other’s eyes while eating toast. The assistant would tilt the other girls’ heads or move their hands or shout commands when the photographer went outside to shoot photos through the window. Anyway, it was quite funny. Must have been a high school project or something.

Also, we saw the first snowflakes of the season through the window. Hooray for snow!!!

Get to this place if you can, but have some consideration and don’t bring a group, unless you plan to wait for hours for a spot at the counter not facing the people you’re eating with.

Top 5 things about Our Kitchen
1. Perfectly cooked hashbrowns
2. Great pancakes
3. HUGE glass of milk – finally a place with a decent sized glass
4. Entertainment while you eat
5. Super nice people own and work at this place

Bottom 5 things
1. REALLY small
2. Can’t look at the person you’re eating with
3. Weird underage lesbian photo shoot (just that they were in the way)
4. External people watching only – no internal people watching
5. It started snowing…

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