Monday, October 13, 2008

Edinburgh USA Golf Course – Brooklyn Park, MN

My nephew, the Delivery Boy, came up from Illinois for a visit this weekend. He brought his golf clubs with him to force me to play golf. I haven’t played in over two years due to lack of time, but I played quite a bit during the previous years. Like a slacker, I didn’t plan ahead and find us a course or reserve a tee time. (I was hoping it would rain so I would be forced to embarrass myself.)

We picked a course at random and one that looked really nice on the website (but hey, it’s not like they’re going to put up terrible pictures of the course, right?).

We booked a tee time, hopped in the car and drove to Brooklyn Park to Edinburgh USA. Call me aloof or accuse me of treason, but every time I see a business with USA at the end of it, I automatically assume it’s going to be white trash. T-shirts USA. Garden Tools USA. License Plate Frames USA. Whatever. I was proven wrong on so many levels with this golf facility.

First off, they made it look like an English (or Scottish, I guess) castle. Huge high stone walls and very well kept landscape. VERY well kept. This is the nicest public course I’ve ever been to. Seriously this place is 10 times the facility of the courses I’m used to in Illinois. It’s pricey, but you only live once, right? We ended up getting twilight rates and still pushed it to a hundred bucks. The people there were very friendly and helpful and talkative, so no complaints at all.

There was also a wedding happening while we were there, so we got to see some really well dressed people (and tramps) milling around. It’s a beautiful place for a wedding if you’re into marriage and such.

The course was immaculate, except for an occasional strip of grass missing (like they were getting ready to sod). But I might be able to count those spots on two hands, so it wasn’t distracting at all. The grass was perfectly green, no burnout or brown spots. All the divots in the fairways were well maintained. And the topography of the course was awesome. Great use of hills, tons of water, and great tree locations. Beer cart girl drove past us like 4 or 5 times and then when we ran out of drinks, we didn’t see her again. Ha Ha Ha. Classic. It was late though, so I’m assuming they quit working at 6 or something.

The 9th green is connected to the 18th green, which is also connected to the practice area. As you can imagine, this area is huge. And also right in front of where the wedding was happening. So my nephew and I are in the background of tons of wedding pictures trying to not shout out loud when we both made brilliant putts on the 9th hole. Sad but true. I basically had to keep my mouth shut the whole round as the course is in the backyard of large houses. I’m usually a pretty vocal player (both positive and negative), but I had to tone it down.

The back nine looked like they were draining the ponds to repair the banks, so the water on the back was less than perfect, but still was breathtaking. Very challenging water on the back nine. In fact, the 17th hole has an island fairway. You hit over the water to the fairway strip of land. Then over again to the green. This had the added challenge of being pretty dark when we played it. So by the time we got to the 18th hole, it was REALLY dark. Didn’t stop us – we were going to finish this awesome course. We hit safe shots and were able to find the balls. I hit my next shot to the green (because I rule [but only in the dark apparently]) and went and stood on the green to give my nephew some idea where to shoot. He fired one right past me, past the 18th hole, and across the practice green where someone was putting. Straight at the wedding party. It was dark though, so no one saw it. Hilarious. No one got hurt, the ball was found and played, and because my nephew fell apart on the last hole, I cam back to tie him for the day.

Awesome facility. I will gladly take anyone of my golfing friends here to play and will expect a perfectly maintained golf course. Also, I love golfing with my nephew. My face always hurts from laughing.

Top 5 things about Edinburgh USA
1. Perfectly maintained grass
2. Great water, sand, and topography
3. Beer cart – always a plus
4. 17th hole – island fairway
5. Looks like a castle

Bottom 5 things
1. There’s a dress code to keep up the classy-osity of this place. Sigh… it’s worth it…
2. Slightly pricey (but worth it)
3. Couple strips of grass missing
4. Beer cart girl stops at 6pm
5. Had to remain relatively calm on the course - maybe next time I'll take lithium before the round

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