Friday, October 3, 2008

Sausage Stuffed Meatloaf

Last weekend when playing Wii at M. and Trash's house, we were struck with the best idea ever. I was playing Cooking Mama, the second best video game of all time (next to Animal Crossing), and mama challenged me to cook a meatloaf with sausages stuffed into it. Chao expressed interest in this game for the first time ever, during the virtual preparation of this dish. He thought it looked good and that we should try it. See for yourself:

We recreated the recipe as best as we could and our version follows:

1 meatloaf
some sausages

Stick sausages into meatloaf and bake until done.

Pretty easy huh? I have included pictures of the result:

We bought a ready made meatloaf from Lund's and we stuck Polish Sausages into the middle. It was disgusting. But only because Lund's meatloaf sucks. Next time we are going to make my famous barbecue recipe (famous because it is now featured in my company's cookbook), and possibly stick Lil' Smokies into it. We are confident this will rule.

Top 5:
1. Sausage stuffed in things is always a good idea.
2. Novelty foods are fun.
3. Inspired by a video game.
4. Easy to make.
5. Would have tasted good if meatloaf didn't suck.

Bottom 5:
1. The meatloaf sucked.
2. All of that meat can get kind of expensive.
3. Couldn't tell if it was greasy or juicy, yet it tasted dry.
4. The sausages exploded in the oven because we forgot to puncture them prior to baking.
5. So many sausages, so little time.

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