Friday, April 22, 2011

Popeyes Loaded Chicken Wrap – Minneapolis, MN

My boss told me I needed to go to Popeyes for lunch and try the Loaded Chicken Wrap. I generally get the spicy strips and some red beans and rice, and from what she told me, this was a combination of both things. M.Giant and I met there for lunch, since he’s also a fan of Popeyes.

She was right. It’s a couple of spicy chicken strips (you can get mild if you’re a nancy) covered with red beans and rice and then wrapped in a cheddar tortilla. I ordered one up in combo format, which means I get a side – I went with Mac and Cheese. Then I got an order of their new onion rings on the side, and a blue and red Fanta Icee to wash it all down with.

I cracked open the mac and cheese first. Not the best I’ve had there. Seemed like the noodles had cooked too long and were mostly disintegrated into mush. Oh well, there was cheese involved, so I still liked it. I moved onto the wrap. I was immediately disappointed with the size of the wrap. It was smaller than a soft taco at taco bell. Like really small. However, once I got over that fact, it was delicious .Not too mushy, not too dry. I couldn’t taste much in the way of cheddar on the tortilla, but that may have been because of the spicy chicken. Maybe mild would have let more cheddar flavor through. Either way, it was actually quite delicious.

The onion rings were better coated than the previous incarnation of rings, but the flavor wasn’t a spicy. I liked that they were more battery and the onions were mostly hidden, since previously, it was like there were tiny bits of batter clinging to a giant ring of onion. These have better coverage, they just needed more seasoning. Maybe I’ll bust out the Cajun sparkle next time.

Overall, the flavor of the wrap was sort of balanced by it’s size. I’d either order two next time, or just go with the strip combo and get my own red beans and rice. I’ll probably order the onion rings again at some point, and I know I like their mac and cheese usually. I’m glad I tried it. And I’m glad my boss put the idea into my head.

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Anonymous said...

I totally jones for Popeyes but the one near my job (on 40th street in Manhattan, so I'm not slandering any other franchise) was closed a couple of weeks ago by the health dept.

It's open again, but really? Do you know how many violations a place has to have to be CLOSED by the NYC Health Dept? They put stickers in the window and everything.

But god do I love the gravy on their mashed potatoes. It'll be summer soon...maybe the one on Coney Island won't be dangerous.