Monday, April 11, 2011

Rib Quest 2011!!! – Twin Cities, MN

Last year, HotGirlsBrother, Low-Vee, and I tried to eat as much BBQ as possible to determine which places in the area serve the best ribs. We got to quite a few, but not all of the ones we wanted to last year. So this year, in 2011, we’re going to try it again. There are some new places to try, as well as some old familiars we’re looking to hitting up again.

This year, we’re going to set it up a little bit different. We’re going to figure out the best in the West (Minneapolis side) and the best in the East (St. Paul side). Here’s what’s on the slate for 2011, as well as how we’re seeding these restaurants at the beginning. So if you’d like to follow along and place your bets, you’re certainly welcome to.

BBQ East
1. Lee’s & Dee’s
2. Big Daddy’s Old Fashioned BBQ
3. Rooster’s
4. Hickory Hut
5. Pastor Hamilton’s BBQ
6. Bayport BBQ
7. Mr. BBQ
8. Dickey’s BBQ Pit
9. C.G. Hooks Eatery
10. Ikea

BBQ West
1. Baldy’s BBQ
2. Ted Cook’s 19th Hole Barbeque
3. Cap’s Grille
4. Scott Ja Mama’s
5. C&G’s Smoking BBQ
6. Rudolph’s
7. Q Fanatic BBQ & Grill
8. Mr. Pig Stuff
9. Baker’s Ribs
10. Market BBQ

We need someone to confirm if the BBQ Carwash is still open. They've been closed the past four times I've gone there. Maybe they'll reopen in the summer.


Garrison Killer said...

The Hut against Pastor Hamilton???

That's a hell of an initial matchup.

Pastor Hamilton's laid-back, Sunday in the street with his cooker against the fast-food stylin's of the Hut.

The Right Reverend will take it on style points, then lose to Big Daddy. My prediction.

Kristi said...

What about Wilebski's BBQ & Blues in St Paul? I am selling a great deal to there today!

Chao said...

Kristi, thanks for the tip. We've decided to put Wilebski's on next year's docket to try. We didn't realize they were known for ribs (especially since there isn't any sort of menu indicating that on the website). I have a feeling we'll end up there this year though, and who knows - they may slide into the runnings as an honorary mention!

lee said...

bbq i can relate to- i live right outside memphis and as a teen i worked one summer at the cheapest and best bbq joint in town. for $1.00 a day, employees could eat all they wanted. believe it or not, by the end of the summer i couldn't stand to eat another bite of bbq so i would take it home to my grandmother. they sold smoked pork shoulder and they cooked it for like 14 hours over hickory and mesquite. you can get white meat-my fav-or mostly the charred brown bits- my man's fav. the only sides are baked beans, fries, coleslaw or any of a variety of potato chips. the tea vats and fountain for the all-you-can-drinks are to the side of the restaurant area, so you never go dry! if you ever go to memphis, remember TOPS! they live up to their motto- "tops in value, tops in taste". we went the other day to use up a coupon before it ran out- god forbid- so we ate our regular sandwiches, but i noticed they now sell ribs and brisket, so i know what my next trip holds.

now the neely's restaurant- complete opposite. i will never go to neely's again if the food were free and they paid me.

p.s. it was fun when i worked at tops to tell people that my job was to beat the meat. one of my co-workers would give each shoulder the name of an archenemy before we would take the big cleavers to separate it into chunks. then you could get it chopped fine or pulled.