Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chef Driven Food Truck – Broomfield, CO

I won’t write very much about this food truck, and I only have one picture, but I will tell you this. The food there is top-notch. I stood in line for quite some time while on a break from the 2011 Roller Derby World Championships, and listened to people rave about the food. Due to the direction of the sun, it was impossible to even see the video monitor with the menu on it because of the glare. The truck had the website written on the truck itself, so people all hopped on their smartphones and found out the menu online (thankfully). The menu is extremely diverse. Dishes inspired by Cuban, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and Mexican food. Eclectic, but delicious-sounding. We were all ready with our orders by the time we got to the window to order.

With as busy as it was, the food truck was running out of food, but thankfully, they had what I wanted when I got to the window. I heard tons of people talking about the Kogi – the Korean BBQ short ribs. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to get, but enough people were talking about them, that I knew it would be awesome. They guy even ran out of tortillas and toppings to make taco out of (the normal way they’re presented), but it was alright with me. I got an aluminum foil wrapped little packet that was super hot and a drink and I went inside.

I should have taken photos of this thing, so you knew what to expect. It was a thinly sliced set of a couple short ribs in an Asian-flavored sauce. The meat was delicious – it chewed well (meaning it wasn’t stingy at all and was very tender) and it had the best flavor I can remember in a long time. I don’t even think it would be as good if you added the tortilla and toppings. It was perfect the way it was – just the meat.

I left a nice pile of bones in the aluminum when it was all said and done. If I didn’t have to stand in line for another half an hour and if one of the roller derby bouts wasn’t starting, then I would have gone back for more. Seriously, these were the best Korean short ribs I’ve ever had. And judging from the comments everyone else had, everything the truck has is awesome.


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