Friday, December 2, 2011

Jack and Grill – Westminster (Denver), CO

I have reviewed Jack and Grill before, but I noticed they had a new location built when I was out in Denver for the 2011 Roller Derby World Championships. I talked the people I was with into going there to get stuffed so we’d all sleep better – totally an excuse that does NOT work on this crowd. But I talked them into it anyway.

The inside is festive, brightly colored, and eclectic in its decoration. Lots of very friendly and helpful staff make sure you are taken care of quickly. I had great luck when I was at their original location a few years back, so I knew this would be good, as well.

The menu is enormous, so be ready for that. The last time I was at Jack and Grill, I attempted the 7 pound breakfast burrito. It was a fail, but I did make it about half way through it all. And it was delicious. That gave me hope that everything on the menu would be good. I wanted to try a few things, so I ended up getting the combination #2. One beef enchilada, one chicken enchilada, a bean tostada, beans and rice. That should do the trick!

They bring out chips and salsa that cost a dollar – just do it, people. The salsa is good, although it might be a bit on the spicy side for Minnesotan palettes. I thought it was just fine. I also had ordered a margarita – you know, to help me sleep (I’m still working that angle). It had Chambord in it, so it was like a black raspberry margarita. And it was verrrrry good.

The food came out quickly and we were all glad – we were starving from a long day of roller derby. Word of warning, the food here is enormous. Mrs. Novia tried to order ala carte since she’s not a big eater, and ended up getting way more than she expected. They’re very generous here.

The enchiladas were quite good. The red sauce is smoky and spicy without being heavy (the cheese takes care of that part). The bean tostada wasn’t anything special, but it’s made with fresh ingredients, so it just tastes better automatically. The beans and rice were also good and were helping stockpile sleep-time credits for later. I was slowing down exponentially. I knew pretty quickly that tonight wasn’t going to be a go-out-and-party-night. Sigh.

I already did a more thorough review the last time I was here, so I won’t overstate how good this place is. It’s like a better version of Chevy’s (atmosphere-wise), but with more authentic Mexican food.