Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yak and Yeti – Westminster, CO

I was out in Denver for the 2011 Roller Derby World Championships, and some of the large group I was with went to Yak and Yeti the first night they arrived. I kept hearing the words “yak” and “yeti” and eventually figured out it was a restaurant. Not only was it a restaurant, but the people I was with kept talking about how delicious it was. Since I’m hairy beast, I tend to love things related to hairy beasts. I think both Yaks and Yetis fall into that category.

We headed over to the restaurant with multiple large groups of people. Probably not the best plan of attack for being seated quickly, but we were patient and eventually got a table in the last group of 6-person groups – yikes! It’s a buffet (and a large buffet), so we got up and started picking and choosing what we wanted. All of the vegetarian dishes were on one side of the bar and the rest of the food was scattered throughout. It all looked amazing to me.

On the first trip to the buffet, I got vegetable pakora, samosas, some chicken item, lamb curry, some curried vegetables, and basmati rice. No complaints on anything on this plate. It was absolutely delicious and filling.

I went back for more. Broccoli, some yam curry, more chicken, more pakora, and rice. They kept bringing baskets of naan to the table, so I got absolutely stuffed.

…But not stuffed enough that I couldn’t fit a bowl of Kheer down my gullet. I love this stuff. It’s basically condensed milk with long grain rice and sometimes cashews or raisins. Delicious stuff, although the texture tends to weird people out, for some reason. I can’t get enough of it.

In summary, a great Indian buffet and lots of helpful staff. We all were leaned waaaay back in our chairs after this meal and moving slowly. That’s how you know it’s a great Indian buffet!

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