Friday, December 30, 2011

Grandma’s Bakery – White Bear Lake, MN

D.Rough had purchased a bacon-covered donut for me from Grandma’s a few months back and I haven’t found a time to get up to White Bear Lake to check out what else they’ve got. But when the guys wanted to play disc golf near there, I knew I’d be able to hit up the bakery for some pre-game goodies. I’m also a gentleman, so I figured I should purchase a little extra so others could enjoy the donuts, as well.

Grandma’s is in a weird location. A sort of industrial park back behind the main road. I drove past it, in fact, the first time. I looped back around and went inside. I will say this – these guys have the largest set of display cases out of any bakery I’ve been in in the United States. Seriously like 7 or 8 separate units filled with breakfast-y baked goods. Cakes, cookies, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and a bunch of other things. I was a tad overwhelmed.

The inside of the place is absolutely enormous. I think they supply a TON of the restaurants, gas stations, and coffee shops in the twin cities, so you can see the cavernous warehouse are behind the retail portion. The entire location is filled to the brim with sugary-sweet deliciousness. It took me a while since they have so many things to choose from, but I finally opted for the bacon-covered donut, a white-frosted raised donuts with Christmas sprinkles, a chocolate covered donut, and a glazed. I asked if they had any raised donut holes, but they only had cake donut holes. Worthless.

I was pretty happy with these donuts. They aren’t the best in the Twin Cities, but they’re good. They were a tad dry, but were about perfect on the sweetness. Not over the top, but really just about right. The bacon donut was decent. The bacon was cooked well, but again, the donut part was a bit dry. And it sucked because I had forgotten to grab a carton of milk to drink. It was a long round of disc golf with a pasty mouth after that.

The other guys were happy to get some breakfast, so there were no complaints from them. And of course, I got the left-over donut that no one wanted. Thankfully, I was smart enough to buy only donuts I would eat. Hahahahaha. I still win. (…At least at donut eating, not as disc golf. I lost miserably on the last hole… sigh)

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