Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uncle Buck’s Bacon Jerky

My awesome cousin Mimi sent me a surprise present in the mail this year for Christmas. It was a package of Uncle Buck’s Bacon Jerky from Bass Pro Shop. She and her guy know I really love bacon so she bought a package after sampling it first. Despite the fact they felt like they were eating dog treats, they knew by the flavor that it was a must-have for me.

The pieces of jerky are actual meat – not fabricated pseudo-meat like some jerky tastes like. It’s not stringy or anything. Very tender pieces of meat that you can tell are pieces of real bacon. I brought it to work with me and am enjoying a few days worth of breakfast, without that troublesome grease spot you get when you try to sneak bacon strips into the office in your pocket – I hate that.

Thanks a million for my amazing present, Mimi. You rule.

(If I was really smart, I’d make this bacon last longer by thinking of new food items to add bacon crumbles to – it won’t last that long, I assure you…)

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