Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe Senser’s Restaurant & Sports Theater – Bloomington, MN

Yes, that’s really what it is called.

How have I never heard of this place? It’s been rated by Sports Illustrated and ESPN's Cold Pizza as one of the “premier sports bars in the country.” Everyone I suggested this place to from my work group had all heard of it as well. Maybe it’s because I don’t typically go to sports bars nor actually care the slightest bit about most sports. Maybe it’s not so weird I’ve never heard of this place…

After the mini-golf work-funded teambuilding exercise, a large group of us (25 or so) headed to Joe Senser’s for a quick happy hour. I got there later than other people and didn’t have a chance to peruse the menu, so I got a simple Jack and coke. While waiting, I had a chance to look at the menu and realized I made a mistake. A serious mistake. This place has INCREDIBLE girly drinks on the menu. Tons of fruity drinks made with Monster energy drink. A whole list of shots made with Monster energy drink. Tons of fruity daiquiri/pina colada combinations. And lot of other drinks that I would be mocked for drinking in public.

The waiter was a little weirded out that I ordered a second drink when he set my Jack and coke down on the table. Whatever. Just punch it into your little computer and bring it out. The Jack and coke was fine – difficult to screw that drink up, really. But I ordered a Liquid Butterfinger. This is a drink with Kahlua, vanilla cream, some other liquors and crumbled butterfinger candy bar on top. It looks like a milkshake. And it’s awesome. Yes, I DID get mocked, but it’s been happening for years, so I don’t even care. I got what I needed.

Our table ordered a whole bunch of appetizers which I chose to pick at since I was going to be eating ribs with LowVee immediately after leaving Joe Senser’s. We got onion rings (decent), waffle fries (decent), nachos (really good), flatbread pizza (really good), and cheese quesadillas (decent). But seriously, the food totally pales in comparison to the girly drink menu.

What’s troublesome is now that I know this place is 15 blocks from my house, how will I talk myself out of stopping here all the time for my own private happy hour after work…?

Top 5 things about Joe Senser’s Restaurant and Sports Theater
1. AMAZING girly drink repertoire
2. Liquid Butterfinger
3. Flatbread pizza
4. The name of this place is hilarious
5. It is REALLY close to my house

Bottom 5 things
1. Happy Hour still isn’t as happy without Gerd
2. I ordered a standard drink and an awesome drink instead of two awesome. If only I had taken my time.
3. I didn’t take any photos of the Liquid Butterfinger
4. Vegetarians at my table = no meat for miles
5. I can’t see a Big Buck Hunter game without thinking of Coach (that’s a whole other story)

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