Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mickey’s Dining Car – St. Paul, MN

I’ll start by saying I went to Karen192 and Charlesworth’s wedding reception at Mancini’s before Mickey’s even came up. These two had gotten married on a Friday and done things all day with friends and family. So they invited all their riff-raff friends to meet them all at Mancini’s after everything was over and done with. This was a brilliant idea and anyone getting married on a Friday night should consider it for their working friend s(or if they have riff-raff friends like me!).

Mancini’s was a blast as usual. If you haven’t been here, just go. It’s a swanky (but like vegas red leather swanky, not pricey swanky) old-people lounge. They have old guy bands and old guy drinks. It’s awesome. I knew DeltaForceCommander and FireRetarded would be there but wasn’t sure who else. Fortunately, I knew a bunch of people there.

Let’s see… what happened here that I can talk about:
- FireRetarded was wearing a fedora hat which he claims why he kept getting his butt grabbed by the older matrons in attendance
- I met DeltaForceCommander’s x-fiance (which we won’t go into right now)
- I got into a bad movie discussion with DeltaForceCommander’s x-fiance which was awesome
- We got into a discussion about midget/dwarf pornography
- Got into some hilarious discussion about stereotypes of librarians
- Got offered free drink tickets, but had to decline since I needed to be sure I was fine for driving later – thankfully, I was

We bailed on the party because it was winding down – we won’t discuss what hour this party was winding down, only that it was winding down. I had discussed numerous times going to Mickey’s Dining Car with DeltaForceCommander and FireRetarded and we thought tonight should be the night. Mostly because neither of them were in any shape to drive, and I was so I thought pumping them full of greasy diner food might help. Ha ha ha Once we got into the car, the “that’s what she said jokes” started flying…

We got there and surprisingly had to wait about 2 minutes for one of the four tables to open up and be cleaned off. It’s a really small place, but it’s a classic so people don’t mind waiting. I had heard people tell me I needed to try the Sputnick. So once I found it on the menu, I was ready to roll. It’s basically a cheese burger built like a big mac (bread stuck in between two meat patties (twss) with lettuce and cheese on it. I, of course, ordered bacon to be added to this thing. I also got baked beans instead of fries, and I’m glad I did.

The sammich was actually pretty good for a greasy spoon diner. The bacon was the big finisher on this thing. Cooked just the way I like it, slightly underdone. It was awesome. The baked beans were really amazing though,. There was bacon in them as well as tons of pepper. These things were seasoned to perfection. Really, this was a pretty good meal.

DeltaForceCommander wowed me by ordering simply a side of bacon. That a girl! And FireRetarded got a stack of pancakes. He kept talking about how good these pancakes were and once given the opportunity to try it, I was glad I did. These were pretty good. Much better the standard fare you get from Denny, Perkins, or Village Inn. You won’t be disappointed with these things, I assure you.

We were amazed by some of the patrons of the dining car, as many of them seemed to be fresh from a night of whoring and clubbing. Lots of people who were also trying to sober up before facing the work day in the morning. A couple of trashy girls were consoling another girl who was on the verge of puking and thankfully, we left before anything happened, although, I’m pretty sure it was imminent. We were also impressed by the signage in the place. We’re not even sure one of the signs appeared before or after Michael Jackson death announcement appeared… ha ah aha Sorry, too soon.

This place isn’t the best greasy spoon diner in the world, but it was honestly pretty good. It’s not awful, if that’s what you’re expecting. I would come back here anytime I’m trying to sober up a couple of people who are unsafe to be behind the wheel. Thankfully some pancakes will absorb the heck out of some wedding-style alcohol!

Top 5 things about Mickey’s Dining Car
1. The Sputnick with bacon
2. Baked beans
3. Pancakes, oddly enough
4. The whores
5. The signage

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved greasy spoon diners and we talked about eating here with these guys all the time
2. It’s not the cleanest place in the world
3. The clientele leaves a lot to be desired
4. Milk shakes are like $5
5. DeltaForceCommander didn’t offer to share her bacon - rude


Anonymous said...

Hey riff-raff ... We saved the best for last. Really fun to see you! - Karen192

Anonymous said...

We ate at Mickey's last week. Waited well over an hour for our food. The Irish Waitress was over the top rude when I ask her after 45 minutes about our order. The place was dirty...Don't waste your time on Mickey's.