Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Mac Chicken – Clear Lake, IA

There’s been all kinds of media hype (alright, not THAT much, but a couple of horrific food blogs have mentioned it) on this Big Mac Chicken hybrid sandwich. You basically take a Big Mac from McDonald’s and replace each bun with a McChicken patty. So you’ve got five layers of meat.

On a previous trip back to Illinois, HotGirlsBrother managed to eat a modified version of this meal using a single McChicken patty and Big Mac. I was pretty impressed when I saw him eat it, but deep down on the inside of my guts, I knew I could do the real thing. So we tried it on the way back to Minnesota. [Note: I’m building up to trying the 7 pound breakfast burrito at the Jack N Grill in Denver next month, so I’m basically in training.]

When ordering, I tried to be non-chalant by pausing between food items like I was really thinking about what I wanted. I didn’t want to let on that this was totally a pre-meditated purchase. I ordered a Big Mac, looked around the menu a bit, and then ordered three McChickens, looked around a bit more and then ordered a Diet Coke. I’m not a Savage, people. I’m trying to watch my figure.

I got way too excited about this sandwich, to be honest. HotGirlsBrother stuck with his modified sandwich, but snapped a photo of me assembling the Big Mac Chicken.

And then a couple of me eating it.

And then I took one of his disapproving look as to how much “bun waste” there was after eating all these meat-flavored patties.

Honestly, the thing was really tasty and I would definitely do this again. I was also surprised at how cheap it was. It was like $7 – less than you’d pay for a restaurant burger at a lot of places – and it’s really juicy and flavorful. In fact, when I was finished, I really considered getting a second one, or going to taco bell across the parking lot. It was substantial, but it honestly wasn’t enough to fill me up – or even close. I’m a tubby bastard, I’ll eat the crap out of some fast food and keep coming back. (I'll call your attention to the shirt I'm wearing in the photos - that I just noticed, ha ha ha.)

The whole thing is under 900 calories (since you don't eat the 150 calorie buns), which is actually difficult for me to do when eating at other fast food places. I'm anxiously awaiting my next Triglyceride count!

HotGirlsBrother mentioned in Canada, they have Double Big Macs and Canadians are doing the Double Big Mac Chicken, so I guess that’s the next challenge. Apparently, you can assemble your own in the US, you just have to order two Big Macs and five McChickens. Which, judging on the level of fullness I experienced, REALLY shouldn’t be a problem at all. I just wouldn’t be able to fit the sandwich into my mouth – I’m not above using a fork and knife for this.

I won’t even give a top 5 for this. Just try it. It’s really waaaay better than you’d think.

[Totally unrelated to anything chicken-related... For the record, HotGirlsBrother is the best iPod shuffler in the business. With the exception of playing Judas Priest (which I abhor), he played 6+ hours of flawless metal brilliance on the ride home. My hat from 2007 (which was the year of the hat) goes off to you, my friend.]


Anonymous said...

i just threw up. i'm not kidding. you are going to be the grossest roommate ever.

Matt said...

kelly and i tried the new wings that Wendy's is advertising. we got the honey bbq. don't bother. especially for $3.99.