Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito – Taco Bell

Say what you will about Taco Bell, but the people that come up with new creations are some of the best in the industry. Every month or two, they crank out some new tortilla-based item that no one ever thought of doing. This time it’s the Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito. [Does anyone else’s spell check want to change “cheesy” to “chesty”? – I GAURANTEE I’d order that if it were on a menu, FYI.] Also, I love to drive up to the drive thru window and ask, “What do you have with bacon on it?”

Back when I worked at John Deere in Illinois, one of my favorite co-workers, NickNamer, would compare notes with me on what we thought of each TB creation. I really miss that, living in Minnesota. No one here shares the passion for Taco Bell that NickNamer and I have. Clearly, they’re morons.

I stumbled across this newest creation at random. I didn’t even know these things existed before 11:25am today. I was walking to my car at 11:26. I heard there was bacon in it and I was sold already. Someone said it’s like a loaded baked potato in a tortilla. Which is exactly what it is. Fiesta potatoes, seasoned ground beef, cheese, sour cream, and bacon. This thing is, in every way shape and form, a Vegan-Killer.

I was going to take a photo of the inside contents, but Taco Bell food generally looks like poo in a tortilla and I don’t want to leave any sort of negative ideas in your heads. This thing is really good, as long as you like loaded baked potatoes. It’s bigger than a regular burrito , but smaller than their stufft burritos (which I also like). You’ll get good and full eating this thing (I won’t mention the other items I got as well, ha ha ha).

NickNamer, go try this thing as soon as possible. I think you will agree, it’s awesome.

Top 5 things about the Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito
1. Not only is bacon contained within, it is the FIRST word in the name of this thing
2. It’s not a wimpy burrito
3. Taco Bell has hired some magnificent bastard in their test kitchens with taste preferences similar to mine
4. If you have a standard-size appetite, you will get full
5. I can sleep easier knowing I have access to these gems within five minutes of home OR work

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd would have gone to Taco Bell every day during this promotion. Guaranteed
2. I miss comparing Taco Bell notes with NickNamer
3. It still looks like poo in a tortilla, no matter what camera angle you try
4. I didn’t get an e-mail from my friend BeltBuckle about this new bacon-themed item like I usually do
5. When Taco Bell makes something gross, I’ll lose weight. Until then, all bets are off



Matt said...

goddamn... 12:30 tomorrow, i'm there. sounds delicious.

Chao said...

Yeah, me too, probably...

Luvbrcan said...

Ok, I went and tried one of the Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito's today and they must not make them as good here in Michigan.... mine was WAY too salty?! Good concept though, may have to try another before the promotion goes off to see if they were having a bad day?