Friday, August 28, 2009

Bacon Balm – Minnesota State Fair, MN

When I got to work today, THIS was sitting on my desk.

I didn’t know who put it there, but I knew I needed to give that person a hug. When I found out it was my coworker NotHisRealName, I forwent the hug, due to workplace weirdness, not because he's not awesome. Actually, NotHisRealName knows I love bacon in many different forms, and when he was at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday, someone shoved a tube of lip balm in his hands and he thought of ME! I’m assuming because of the flavor of lip balm, not the size of the container.

I whipped the cap off this technological oddity and liberally applied it to my lips, which were slightly chapped and needed relief. The initial taste does have some hints of bacon, but most of what I smell and taste is maple. The tube does say it’s maple bacon, and the maple definitely is the overpowering force in this thing. I feel like I’ve been eating pancakes with syrup for the past few hours.

I was half worried it would be a lipstick tube filled with congealed bacon fat (I STILL would have tried it), but thankfully, it does actually appear to be lip balm. It’s also SPF 15, so I have an excuse to wear it out in public. the tube does not indicate if it is vegan/vegetarian-friendly, sorry. Thanks again, NotHisRealName!

I’ll be sitting at my desk for the next few hours licking my chops like Yukon Cornelius.

Who wants to kiss me?

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