Sunday, August 23, 2009

Johnny Roberts Memorial Disc Golf Course – Arvada, CO

I heard this is one of the grandfather courses in Denver and I that I should play it. I woke up early at my cousin X-Copper’s brand new house (as of two weeks ago – literally), got a quick tour of the house and headed out to Arvada. Since they’re family, I won’t review their new house, but suffice it to say it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I had the GPS, so it took me right to the course. It wasn’t all that busy, so I hopped on the first hole with a group of two randoms.

Keep in mind I haven’t played disc golf in about 3 months and this would only be about the 3rd time this year. So it makes perfect sense I hit the first tree off the tee on my first drive – seriously like 15 feet to the right of the tee. Hilarious start.

This course is short. Really short. Like putter short. It also has a lot of dangerously close fairways. It is designed around a medium-sized creek that winds through the park on most holes. So the shots are really challenging for being so short. If you go long, or left, or right on any of the holes, you might be wet. I somehow managed to not throw a single disc in the water. Go me. There are no elevation changes at all on this course, and there’s all kinds of bikers and walkers that traverse al through the park. It’s a pretty dangerous place to play, walk, or ride.

We had one kid that kept asking to play through our group. We’d let him drive and he would chuck it straight into the water. While he was fishing it out, we’d finish the hole. The next tee he would catch up to us and ask if he could play through. He would then chuck it into the water and go fish it out. This happened five times before we convinced this d-bag that we were bad luck for him and he should let us continue unhindered by his torn track pants and greasy hair. This was probably a bad move in hindsight because it meant he would then wait until we got up to our drives and then throw into the middle of our group. Moron.

I would not recommend this course to many people, even beginners. It’s pretty dangerous and has enough water to discourage a new player, even if you can drive to all of the baskets. Sorry, Arvada. I’m not impressed. The guys I was playing with were awesome guys though, and made a recommendation for me to play “Conifer” if I get a chance. I’ll see if I can get ambitious enough to make that trek in the next couple of days. We’ll see.

Top 5 things about Johnny Roberts Memorial Disc Golf Course
1. Super quick round of disc golf
2. No lost discs (nor even any water shots)
3. Not busy
4. Super fun guys I played the round with – Dave and someone else
5. I felt like a crusher when I would throw past the basket

Bottom 5 things
1. Very dangerous course
2. D-bag we referred to as “waterboy”
3. I actually needed two discs for this course
4. My first drive was quite unimpressive to the rest of my group
5. I drove a long way to play this pretty weak course

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