Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lindee’s Saloon & Eatery – Hopkins, MN

I drive by this place at least twice a week and have always wondered how the food is there. The outside always reminded me of a place I used to go back in Illinois (which is eluding me right now)(Thanks for reminding me, Coach - Bucky's Palace Tavern). It always has appetizing specials on huge signs out front when I drive past, so I figured it was going to be a divey bar and grill kind of place.

I grabbed a menu inside and was pretty surprised it was as extensive as it was. Soups, salads, pasta, entrees, sandwiches, ribs, appetizers, etc. Actually, most of the things on the menu looked pretty good. I hadn’t had a good tenderloin in a while, and it jumped out at me. There is a place in Davenport, IA that has amazing tenderloins and I’d been thinking about it recently. After I ordered a Mt. Dew (yes, sir, they have Dew), I asked about the tenderloin. It’s served on toast and is heavily breaded. Say no more, lady. Bring it out!

This thing wasn’t enormous, but it totally made up for it in taste. Now I will warn you, this tenderloin is super greasy. It will drip on your face and on your plate. If you don’t care for that, then don’t order this. But if you don't mind, then order one of these things. Honestly, it was one of the best I’ve ever had. And sure, I’ve been trying to get my triglycerides down, but I had to make an exception for lunch. I could feel the trygliceride meter spinning like an electric meter in Vegas. But it was worth it. Super thick breading and non-gristly pork, all on lightly toasted bread slices.

The fries were also good, but most bar fries are. Really, I’d go back here again. It was really good and pretty fast for lunch. Not a huge crowd, but a small stream of people showed up to eat.

Top 5 things about Lindee’s Saloon & Eatery
1. Breaded tenderloin
2. I like sandwiches served on toast that don’t usually get served on toast
3. They have Dew
4. Fast and not crowded for lunch
5. Super nice waitress

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved greasy bar food. She would have had me picking up food from here all the time (or from White Castle which is right next door – her favorite)
2. If you don’t enjoy grease to the depths of your clogged heart like I do, you won’t like this
3. I would really hate to work a pull tab counter and do NOTHING all day
4. Little complicated to get to
5. Maybe next time, I’ll see if they can pour gravy all over everything!

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