Monday, August 31, 2009

Quad Cities Visit (part 1) – August 29, 2009

I took a trip to the Quad Cities this past weekend for a number of reasons. I’ll just throw a couple of them out there for you. My sister, NotMomsFavorite, has been going through a rough patch and I needed to see her and hang with her a bit to make sure she was doing alright. Secondly, her daughter/my niece, Frog was playing volleyball this weekend for her college team. Thirdly, there was a Fruit Pie Festival happening. Fourthly, some guys I used to play in a band with are moving to Chicago and were throwing a ridiculous going away party for themselves. Fifthly, EyeHeartPizza needed to move some crap up to my house in Minneapolis since she’s going to be staying with me for couple of months until she gets a job, some friends, and a roommate to move in with. Until then, she’s got the guest bedroom and about 24/25ths of the bathroom taken up with girly things.

I won’t go into too many of the details of the driving itself, but I’ll tell you how the whole trip started. EyeHeartPizza waited until we were exactly two blocks from my house to throw up in my car. She cracked wise about something (like she does), and then took a swig of her water bottle. Then she started laughing at how hilarious she THOUGHT she was and started coughing, choking, and gagging. Then stuff from the inside of her person ended up on my dashboard, door, and floor. Yes, much of the grossness ended up on her hands and pants, but seriously, there was viscous goo on my car. It doesn’t stop there!!! About an hour later, she relived the experience by cracking wise (not that she had stopped since the previous incident), swigging water and then flushing her sinuses and guts AGAIN. I now have a LARGE stack of napkins and sanitary wipes in my glove compartment.

For the first part of this adventure, I went to Blackhawk College for some volleyball action. My niece plays a mean game of volleyball. She’s been playing for years and I always used to go to the games when I was in Illinois. Yes, it was creepy to leer at high school volleyball players. Now was my chance to justify leering at college girl volleyball players, right? I went with my mother to check out the game. I met DeliveryBoy’s wife AmandaHugginkiss there, since she was in town from San Antonio (where I’ll be visiting next weekend!), and ended up paying her admission price. Luckily, I’m the rich uncle… hahahah. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my niece actually play at all, since she was keeping stats from the sidelines – but she was the best stats girl I’ve ever seen!!! No mistakes from where I was sitting! Apparently, she played great in subsequent games that we didn’t stick around for – bummer. And so you know, my unwritten rule is I don’t take my camera out and take inappropriate photos of girls in volleyball shorts unless my niece is on the court. That way it’s much less creepy. Hahaha. So I got no photos from the game. Sorry, ChickenLittle.

I’ll have to continue my posts more individually now, so I can keep them straight and not turn this into one 30 page post about inane things I did this weekend. That means no top 5 (obviously, hanging with my family would be at the top and having someone hurf in my car would be on the bottom 5 list).

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