Monday, August 31, 2009

Whitey’s Ice Cream – Coralville, IA

Sometimes when I drive home from Illinois back to Minneapolis, I call up my best friend Coach and see if he wants to meet me at the mall for some Whitey’s Ice Cream. He and his girlfriend, Toach (whom I need to come up with another name for or he’ll yell at me – I just haven’t done it yet), would meet EyeHeartPizza and I at the mall for a quick snack and then we’d bail.

I like to walk through the mall to get a feel for the "scenery" in the Iowa City area, so I park at the far end of the mall and walk through the whole thing to the end that houses Whitey's. It also has the added bonus effect of angering EyeHeartPizza since she hates malls and is already in a bad mood from the early start (and pounding head) she got. Sucked to be her.

I ordered a banana split with strawberries (to make it pink) and EyeHeartPizza even paid for it! If I would have known that, I would have gotten a large. Bummer. Whitey’s truly is the best ice cream ever. Whether it’s in shake form, or scoop, or even their desserty things, it’s amazing. Sadly, the ice cream isn’t going to be the focus of this review.

We usually grab a seat next to the ice rink and watch people falling down, or painful first dates, or hockey scrimmage or something. The last time we met at the mall, we got to see this older man who was high on life and having the time of his life. We talked about him for weeks, so we were hoping he’d be there again this time.

Guess what?

HE WAS THERE!!!!!!!!! This guy has the biggest cornball smile on his face ever. He skates all over the rink, doing spins and with his hands in the air and skating backwards and prancing around on the ice. It is the best ice cream snack entertainment ever. The guy will skate past where we’re sitting and make sure we’re watching him and smiling approvingly of his tricks. We were all convinced he was putting the moves on Coach. I mean, why wouldn’t he? This time, he actually had a girl with him – which really surprised us, if you know what I mean. He would skate backwards in front of her pulling her along, or just in front of her coaxing her forward. And every once in a while, she’d get a little off balance and they’d get tangled up and drop to the ice really hard. Then he would push her aside to watch him and he’d skate around and do some tricks. At one point, she whipped out her cell phone and was filming him, certainly at his request. One of the best parts was him skating to "The Final Countdown" by Europe. That's classy skating, I don't care who you are.

I’m not sure what the names of these moves are, but I don’t really remember seeing them in a lot of competitions. Oh wait, I don’t actually watch figure skating on television. That might also be why I’ve never seen these moves. I got as many shots of this guy as I could. I hope they work on here. You won’t be disappointed.

Since the review really wasn’t about ice cream, I won’t give it a Top 5. It’s really the old guy ice skating that I want you to see.

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