Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beau Jo’s – Idaho Springs, CO

Before I left for Denver, DawgMan made sure to tell me the greatest pizza in the world is at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs. Yes, they have locations in Denver, but the one to go to is the Idaho Springs one (even though it’s an hour outside of the city). When I got into Denver to my cousin X-Copper’s house, they asked me what I had planned for this trip. I ran through the list of food places I intended to eat at and Beau Jo’s was thoroughly seconded. Apparently, my cousin’s husband, Houston, is a big fan of their pizza, so I had a good feeling about it.

Even though it’s outside of Denver, it’s a fantastic drive through the beginning of the mountains and the town is set in mining town. It’s got a really cute quaint downtown reminiscent of Galena, IL (for those who are familiar with that town). Lots of cool shops and lots of really awesome looking restaurants and drinking establishments. You can see Beau Jo’s from the interstate, so it’s pretty easy to get to.

We showed up an off-time, but still ended up having to wait like 10 minutes for a table. Not a problem at all, since there was plenty of “scenery.” All kinds of hilarious people walked through and past this place – soccer moms, “boulder couples”, bubbas, and wiggers with fanny packs.

Here's me holding my cousin's boy, BottomlessPit. This little guy rules.

We sat by the back window with a great view of a waterfall and an old waterwheel, oh yeah and a table full of stunning red headed ladies.

On the way to our table we passed a couple of bathtubs filled with ice – this is the salad bar. They actually had quite a few things on it, unlike the bathtub salad buffet at Sneaky Pete’s in LeClaire, IA.

The menu is a little different than a lot of pizza places I’ve been to. It had some standard ingredients and specialty pizzas, but then it had a bunch of nutritional information and gluten free this and vegetarian that. Guess these Denver people are health conscious or something. Just for that reason, my cousin’s husband and I talked my Aunt PhotoLady into getting a 3-pound all-meat Motherlode Pizza with thick wheat crust.

I knew this place was going to be a winner when the waitress said they had Pepsi products. Go Colorado! Houston and I ordered our obligatory Dews and waited for our delicious sounding pizza. I had looked around at a couple of tables on the way to our table and was pretty impressed with the size of the pizza. It looked substantial. When ours came out, I was even more impressed. Seriously.

This pizza had pepperoni, salami, meatballs, Italian sausage, ham, and mozzarella. The only thing it didn’t have was bacon. But I think the other meats made up for it. It had a huge thick wheat crust, which looked amazing and I’m not even a crust guy. I can’t explain how awesome this pizza is. It honestly wasn’t even meat overload, which is hard to do with an all meat pizza. The pizza was greasy on the bottom, but not in the gross kind of way, in the tasty kind of way. It’s when then TOP is greasy, that a pizza is bad. A greasy crust means it is moist and flavorful. Seriously, this is in the top 5 pizzas of all time, without question.

One of the best things about Beau Jo’s is they have honey on the table. It’s meant to dip your crust into when you are finished with the good parts of the pizza. I’m not a crust guy, generally, so I was suspicious at first. One taste, and I was hooked. This is the best idea ever. And with the wheat crust, it was one of the best combinations ever. Brilliant!

An added bonus was that the waitress brought over a pitcher of Dew for Houston and I to top off our mason jar glasses (probably saved her about 10 trips back to the kitchen for our refills. We got to watch X-Copper and Houston’s son BottomlessPit devour handfuls of ham, cheese, mandarin oranges, and peas while we ate, and he was lovin it. Apparently, this was his first trip to Idaho Springs. I’m guessing he’s a fan, and he didn’t even have any pizza!

Again, DawgMan knocked it out of the park on this recommendation. He’s got a knack for this food recommendation thing. He should hire himself out for food recommendations. The bottom line is I will look for any opportunity to come back to Beau Jo’s in the future. It’s that good. Truly.

Top 5 things about Beau Jo’s
1. Motherlode with thick wheat crust
2. I have an awesome family
3. Pitcher of Dew
4. Honey for crust dippin
5. Any table full of hot red heads is going on the top 5 list

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd really would have loved this pizza, since she was a huge fan and I wish she had met my Colorado relatives. I really miss ridiculous food and roller derby road trips with her
2. It will cost me $300+ to eat Beau Jo’s again. Sadly, it’s worth it
3. It was a haul to get there, even with the 30 minutes of sitting in construction traffic
4. I don’t have 13 stomachs to try each of the pizzas I wanted to try. Can someone please invent that?
5. Apparently, there is some sort of challenge that I was unable to partake in. Eat a giant pizza and get it for free and a photo. I don’t want to jinx my 7 pound breakfast burrito challenge tomorrow!

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