Friday, August 28, 2009

Lions Tap – Eden Prairie, MN

DawgMan has been talking about Lions Tap since I started working out here in Eden Prairie. We keep meaning to go, but always seem to find something else to do. So when I got the call from FireRetarded to go out to lunch, I thought of Lions Tap first! He swung by and picked me up, but DawgMan was nowhere to be found, so I had to go without him.

It’s weird how they seat people. There’s a greeter, and depending on which areas of the place are busy, she will tell you to go stand someplace and they will seat you. Not her, though – she just directs traffic. We walked to the end of the bar and someone told us to grab one of the tables near the fire place. Thankfully, if there was an “incident”, FireRetarded would be first on the scene with his fireman training.

The menu is pretty simple: burgers and double burgers. They do have a California burger with all kinds of healthy crap on it, but they also have a Bacon Cheeseburger. Which one do you think I got?


And yes, that’s FireRetarded guarding our burgers from any would-be bacon thieves.

The burger had circular bacon, which clearly is some cosmic sign from the heavens that bacon is the perfect infinite nutritional life force. This is a more efficient bacon delivery mechanism than strip bacon due to its equal coverage. Well played, Lions Tap.

The meat itself was really juicy and flavorful, and the cheese was pretty tasty, not rubbery like some places. It was a great burger. Not “Top 5” great, but still a quality burger that I will definitely eat again. The fries were pretty mediocre, even for someone like me, who is not a fry guy. If they would have had tots or onion rings, I’d have probably gotten those. But they don’t. Added bonus: they have Dew! That’s what I’m talking about. (Though, I’m very upset with myself for NOT ordering draft root beer, which is one of my favorite things in the world. Next time!)

I had a great lunch with FireRetarded. We have the most random conversations but they’re always tons of fun. We talked about roller derby, 7-pound burritos, how (some) women are crazy, state fair, golf, school, bacon, waterparks, jobs, nephews, road trips, bed racing, Halloween, neurotoxic mechanisms of methylmercury on cellular and behavioral changes, and other things regular people talk about.

Top 5 things about Lions Tap
1. I love hanging out with FireRetarded
2. The burger was really good
3. Circular Bacon
4. The service was pretty good, though I was warned it might not always be, especially at lunch
5. They have DEW!!!

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved a good juicy burger and we talked about going here. Sadly, she missed out on a great burger (and draft root beer)
2. Fries were pretty boring
3. Wish they had tots or onion rings
4. Weird seating operation with hostess and seating people
5. The staff wear tie die shirts. Uggghhh


Ruby James Vita said...

I am looking forward to your review of State Fair foods!

Josh said...

I've been to Lions Tap once and I wasn't impressed, especially after my coworker hyped the place up. I remember the burger being very pedestrian.