Monday, August 24, 2009

Best Detour Ever – Tiny Town, CO

For those that don’t know about my weird taste in movies, I’m a collector of terrible B-movies. There’s a movie I showed at the last Bad Movie Night I hosted called Terror of Tiny Town – it’s the world’s only all-midget western. Yes, I’m dead serious. So, when I was driving back from Conifer’s disc golf course, I saw a random road sign that said Tiny Town. I immediately swerved off the road onto the exit and headed through miles of backroads in the direction of Tiny Town.

I had no idea what to expect in Tiny Town, but when I got about 25 minutes into the detour, I began to get discouraged and thought about turning back. In fact, the next time I saw a sign for a major road, I took it. When I got to the intersection of the main road, I saw another sign for tiny town back the way I came. In typical male flip-flop decision making, I U-turned and headed back in the direction of Tiny Town. I’m glad I did.

I drove around a couple more windy bends and out popped Tiny Town! I had no idea what it was STILL, but I saw a train ride and kids everywhere.

I pulled into the parking lot and headed towards the ticket booth. It was only five bucks, so I shelled it out and strolled in. It’s a miniature village for kids to walk through. Seriously, that’s all it is!!! But it’s hilarious. I’m assuming it was built many many years ago but there are a couple of newer buildings like the Harley Davidson shop.

I made quick work of Tiny Town, but took a few photos.

The Tiny Town Public Library for my librarian friends.

And me inside one of the tiny houses.

I’m just going to throw this out there. Where there’s kids, there’s hot moms. And yes, I’m creepy enough to take photos of them.

Not EVERYTHING is tiny in Tiny Town…

I’m sure my wonderful friends have already come up with a number of comments about my man-stature and how I should be the mayor of Tiny Town already. The name of this store should crack them up even more.

This was a hilarious fun and ridiculous detour, but I’m glad I did it. I thought about terrorizing kids, so I could be the Terror of Tiny Town.

Top 5 things about Tiny Town
1. Best road-side oddity I’ve been to
2. I’m still chuckling about the “Little Log Store”
3. Hot moms
4. I got to a see a tiny-tantrum from one little girl who’s father was trying to push her into a tiny windmill
5. Now I know what TheDoctor feels like all the time

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved to go to stupid road-side tourist traps with oversize (or undersized) randomness. She would have loved this, especially because of the Terror of Tiny Town connection
2. There’s an easy exit from 285 and a long and wind-y exit from 285. Apparently, I chose the winding one
3. There’s really nothing to actually DO there, but kids seemed WAAY excited to be there
4. I should have bought a train ticket. My own fault
5. There really is no connection with the movie nor were there any dwarves. Bummer

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I can't believe you were not arrested.

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