Monday, August 31, 2009

Country Style Ice Cream – Moline, IL

Since the volleyball game was over by 10, we all needed breakfast. Someone jokingly mentioned ice cream, and then it got VERY serious. Since EyeHeartPizza has had Whitey’s Ice Cream already, I had to take her to try Country Style Ice Cream. Yes, it was 10am, but time is not an issue when it comes to ice cream. AmandaHugginkiss followed my mother (driving myself and EyeHeartPizza)(like we were 10) over to Country Style. Wurd.

We harassed an old family friend, Brian, who has worked at Country Style for like 200 years. He may even own the place at this point, I don't know. He was opening the store and even snuck in our orders a little early, since he’s a great guy. It’s sad that some people shut down bars at 2 or 3 am – it’s even more sad that we actually stand around and wait for an ice cream shop to open during breakfast hours.

The ice cream at Country Style is soft serve, but not a typical soft serve. It’s very difficult to explain. It doesn’t actually seem like soft serve. It’s really heavy duty and thick, and they’ll mix three billion flavors in any combination you want. It’s been around for a long time, right next to Whitey’s Ice Cream and neither appears to be damaging each other’s market share on that corner. In fact, you will see people drive into the parking lot, and one spouse will go to Whitey’s and the other spouse will go to Country Style. It’s a beautiful thing.

As some of you know, I only eat pink ice cream, so I got a strawberry pineapple shake which was awesome.

Some people are Whitey’s people and some people are Country Style people. I probably lean towards Whitey’s, but I still really like Country Style. EyeHeartPizza is apparently a Whitey’s person. Whatever.

It’s difficult to come up with a top and bottom 5 for a short review like this. But I'll give it a shot.

Top 5 things about Country Style Ice Cream
1. Seriously, ice cream for breakfast
2. There was fruit in my ice cream, which makes it healthy
3. Got to see Brian, whom is a long-time friend of our family
4. Oddly, there was no one in front of us in line
5. Did I mention ice cream for breakfast?

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved Country Style, and the last time I went to Country Style was with her. It’s really rough on me sometimes that everything I do, especially back home, reminds me of her
2. We DID have to wait outside while the place was still opening (yes, I realize that was OUR fault, but still…)
3. While standing and waiting, my mother pointed out Hardee’s now serves fried bologna biscuits for breakfast and we didn’t end up getting one
4. There’s soooo many flavors you can add, yet I always end up getting the same thing. Next time, fo sho!
5. EyeHeartPizza decided she was a Whitey’s person

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