Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brian McClain Park Disc Golf Course – San Antonio, TX

We all slept late this morning, after a movie marathon the previous evening. Amanda Hugginkiss and DeliveryBoy made an awesome waffle and egg breakfast (complete with bacon) and we gorged ourselves to astronomical proportions.

Coach and Amanda Hugginkiss weren’t feeling particularly sporty at this point, so DeliveryBoy and I headed out to the disc golf course near his house. It came recommended by DeliveryBoy’s friend, but I double checked on the PDGA directory, just to make sure it wasn’t some ridiculous pitch and putt course since it was behind a gradeschool. (sometimes that happens)

We got there about 11:30 and found a couple people were out at the course. I thought there might be more on Labor day, but apparently, the Texans are smart and don’t play in the full on heat of the day. I got all slathered up in sunscreen and we headed out to the course. I had printed out a map from the course website and we found the first tee.

The course is actually in great shape for a Texas course. Like most Texas courses, there’s very little grass. Mostly dirt with a ton of rocks and sticker bushes thrown in. and the best part about this course was there were tons of trees. Of course that means I get to hit them all, but at least I wasn’t going to get any MORE sunburn.

I took a couple of fun photos of the course, so you can get a general feel for it.

The course isn’t terribly long, but it does require some finesse – something I lack entirely. I played fairly well and when I got to unleash a big drive, it felt pretty good. The nice thing is I didn’t blow out my arm on the first hole like sometimes happen without a good warm up. I always forget how much Texas terrain chews up plastic, but I still made out pretty well with this round.

DeliveryBoy had a great round. He started out super strong for not having played in a few years, and even canned a 100+ foot approach shot to save par. It was awesome to see. And it kept both our spirits up despite throwing into some serious stickers. Lots of fun shots from the tee made for a pretty memorable course.

I couldn’t wait to get back and jump in the swimming pool!!!

This isn’t a championship caliber course or anything, but it’s fun to play and it’s fun to get a bunch of easy birdies on your scorecard.

Top 5 things about Brian McClain Park Disc Golf Course
1. I love playing disc golf out of town
2. Playing with people who aren’t professional disc golfers does wonders for my ego
3. Watching my nephew drain a huge shot and getting to yell really loud in the middle of the desert
4. The course was short but still challenging and made the most of the terrain
5. Very few people on the course when it’s near a hundred degrees

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd was just starting to get into disc golf. I’m not sure if she would have played with it being so hot, but I always think about her calling herself athletic when she played. That always brought a smile to my face
2. Playing disc golf on the surface of the sun
3. Lots of sticker bushes and an occasional hornet add to the fun
4. All of the water hazards are long dried up
5. My discs took a serious beating (partly because of the terrain, partly because of my arboreal magnetism)

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