Saturday, September 12, 2009

Minnehaha Falls Park Disc Golf Course – Minneapolis, MN

KingDavid told me the other day at lunch that his 5 year old son, Johnny5, was hooked on disc golf. Apparently a friend of Johnny5’s had them play at a park on e day and he loved it. That’s what I like to hear. So KingDavid and I set up a play date for us this morning to check out a local course. We found one that was a short 9-holer (thank you

When both of us got lost trying to find the course this morning, we determined that SURELY it was faulty directions and not our faults at all. We found the course eventually – after KingDavid’s entire family watched me help a little old lady pump gas at the gas station because she was too weak to both push the button to choose her grade of gas and then too weak to hold the handle on the pump. Maybe she was Mr. Burns’ lost wife…

I’ll make this a quick review. The course is really short. It even says so on the description of the course. Drivers not needed. And they are right. Each of the 9 holes is a straight shot with a giant mature oak tree trunk in the way. I’m not complaining at all. In fact, it’s nice to see courses like this that get people and kids hooked early. Simple and straight forward with no water hazards, poison ivy, or treacherous terrain.

Johnny5 had a blast. He is really quite a thrower for his age and beamed every time he raced us to the basket. He’s all about speed, not about score. I truly wish I had started that young. Thanks for holding me back, mom and dad. Hahaha. Their younger daughter, FireStarter, lost interest after a bit and began collecting firewood for a fire KingDavid and QueenRachel didn’t know they were going to have. She’s a kindling-finding machine. Hilarious. KingDavid and QueenRachel both played pretty well for being new to the game. I always get worried playing with new people that I’m going to be playing with the next hidden Tiger Woods of disc golf and they’ll be surprised how wimpy my arm is when they can throw 500 feet with a putter. Thankfully, both of these guys reined it in for my dignity and played at the appropriate beginner level. Thanks, guys.

The local teamsters were setting up for a picnic, so there were lots of people in the park. No one was in the disc golf area, but one couple were setting up a tent and asked us about the game. Hopefully we talked them into going back home, grabbing some Frisbees out of the garage and coming back out to try it. I love getting people hooked on this sport, especially 5-year-olds.

No top 5 list for this one. Sorry, friends.

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