Monday, September 7, 2009

Crumpets – San Antonio, TX

Coach and I are in San Antonio visiting my nephew, DeliveryBoy, and his lovely wife, Amanda Hugginkiss for my nephew’s birthday. We got into town late last night and we discussed doing breakfast at this place they had wanted to try called Crumpets. It was a bakery and restaurant and was supposed ot have good breakfasts.

My nephew had class that morning and we got sort of a late start for the morning. So while DeliveryBoy was in class, we woke up, showered, and headed over to the restaurant, only to find it wasn’t open yet. We headed to the army base where DeliveryBoy was in class, Ft. Sam Houston, for a quick tour and eventually got a call from him that he needed to eat lunch. We picked him up and headed back to Crumpets for what we thought was going tobe breakfast

We headed back to Crumpets and got seated right away. The place is pretty classy. Bottles of wine on the tables as centerpieces and tons of tables, both inside and outside. We looked at the menu and there were two things on the menu for breakfast – omelets and quiche. We were all kind of disappointed that there weren’t more breakfast options, since my nephew and his wife got recommended this place as a breakfast place. We’re thinking maybe on weekends they have a brunch or something. Oh well, we were there now. DeliveryBoy and I ordered the Ranchero Omelets, Amanda Hugginkiss ordered the Sunshine Chicken, and Coach got a porkchop.

The food took a little longer than I thought it might, considering we were the only ones in the place when we ordered our food (more people – mainly older people – showed up while we were waiting and then dining). The waitress brought us a basket of croissant from the bakery (we’re assuming) and we dug in. And oddly enough, the croissants tasted a bit stale. We were not impressed with the croissants. Maybe the dough does different things in the Texas heat than it does in Paris, but they were a bit spongy and tough. Coach stripped his into layers and said it made it more palatable. Just based on this simple thing, I think I might not be interested in anything the bakery had to offer. They certainly did not appear to have donuts when we walked past the bakery part. Sacrilege.

They brought out salads, since apparently this is more of a lunch place than a breakfast place. Actually the dressing on the salad was pretty good. I’m not really a dressing person, but I won’t complain when salad comes with it on it. I’ll just power through. This one, I actually liked – some sort of cream garlic vinaigrette. When the actual food came out, it looked really good. Well, at least mine did.

Coach had just gone to the Iowa State Fair, so he was used to eating things on a stick, so he grabbed his porkchop by the bone and started eating. Thankfully no one was in our dining room when we took the shot, or I’m sure we would have been given dirty looks. It’s THAT kind of place. (He did actually use silverware after the shot, but we aren’t afraid to risk being thrown out to get funny photos.

The omelet I had, looked really good, but wasn’t all that exciting. The eggs themselves were kind of overcooked and rubbery, although the ranchero sauce on the top had a good flavor to it. I think DeliveryBoy thought the same thing. The fruit on the side was decent, but was still just a bowl of bite-sized fruit pieces. Not even any fancy fruits or anything.

DeliveryBoy had to get back to class, so Amanda Hugginkiss and he pulled the ‘ole Dine n Dash on us. (we told them to head out and we’d pick up breakfast and finish things off, and then she could come back and pick us up for our adventure that day). They bailed out and I immediately commandeered the remainder of her Sunshine Chicken. It was a chicken breast covered in a light cream sauce with some pine nuts thrown on top (she didn’t like the pine nuts) (I REALLY liked the pine nuts). Her meal was far better than my meal was, even if it wasn’t for breakfast.

The waitress came back and asked where the other two went, and we assured them they had dined and dashed. The waitress said that was unfortunate since Amanda Hugginkiss’ meal was a special of the day and therefore came with dessert. Well, we didn’t want to be rude, so we asked what our options were. A bunch of various cakes. Since I’m not a dessert person, Coach ordered the fresh strawberry cake.

The cake looked delicious! Multiple layers and you could see the pieces of strawberry inside and tons of frosting, as well. I actually ate more of the cake than I thought I would, but Coach still took care of most of this giant piece. It was more dry than I expected it to be from a bakery, but the layers of frosting gave the illusion of moisture, so it ended up being just fine. Not fantastic, but just fine. But if Amanda Hugginkiss asks, it was the best cake ever. We decided not to tell her about the cake, and just let her read about it on the blog. We stuck to this, but it was hilarious how many times Coach can mention cake during a day and know that only I knew what he was talking about. It was classic inside-joke comedy.

I’m not a big fan of Crumpets, and I’m guessing unless the Sunday brunch gets brought up again, DeliveryBoy and Amanda Hugginkiss probably aren’t going to swing by there very often in the future. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what we had hoped for, and we were a lot let down on the quality of the baked goods from there.

Top 5 things about Crumpets
1. Sunshine Chicken was probably the best meal
2. Simple salad was pretty good, I thought
3. Waitress was nice
4. The host who sat us was amusing (and amused by us)
5. It’s a pretty classy joint, even if you’re under the age of 60 (which very few customers were)

Bottom 5 things
1. Omelet was rubbery
2. Croissants were stale-ish
3. Cake was much drier than expected
4. Only two breakfast options
5. Speed of service was really slow


Coach said...

I love me some free cake. Take that, Amanda!

Amanda Huginkiss said...

You two so owe me a cake!!!!!