Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheesy Jane’s – San Antonio, TX

I had heard this place recommended by a couple of people and when I recommended it to DeliveryBoy, he said we for sure needed to go there. He said it reminded him of a Maid-Rite diner from Illinois, so I knew we had to go there. It’s a basic hamburger joint, but they have some fun burgers of varying sizes. DeliveryBoy, Coach, and I headed over there after golfing and met Amanda Hugginkiss there for lunch.

The waiter helped us out with our order and suggested various things for us. We all got different things, but I ended up with a Cheesy Jane basket – it’s a half pound cheese burger with BBQ sauce (to which I added bacon – dur), and chili cheese tater tots. And of course, I had to go big with a cherry milkshake (it’s pink, so it’s ok).

The waiter brought out chips and salsa while we were waiting (apparently, this doesn’t happen all the time, according to my nephew). The chips were really thick and tasty, and the salsa wasn’t bad at all, especially for a non-Mexican food place. I was impressed so far.

The shakes came out (Coach got one too – actually a malt, since he loves malts – we heard all about it the entire day) and were REALLY good. Quality ice cream and good flavoring, not some chincy ice milk and fakey syrup. Actual ice cream. One in a fancy sundae glass and one in a metal cup. Perfect.

The burgers came out and I was thrilled with mine. The tater tots were super tasty, especially with the chili and cheese on them, and the burger was really juicy. It wasn’t the best burger I ever had, but it was definitely one of the better ones. I loved it.

The ambience was really odd in the place since 95% of the customers were moms with kids. Very few males were eating here this day. Maybe Saturday is ladies day or something. Weird.

I’d go here again and recommend it to people, but I know there were tons and tons of signs for burger places in San Antonio, and I would be remiss in not trying them all. It might take me a while to get back here, but I have a feeling I’ll be eating there again. It was great.

Top 5 things about Cheesy Jane’s
1. Cheesy Jane burger
2. Chili cheese tater tots
3. Cherry milkshake
4. Great chips and salsa before the meal
5. Saturday is hot mom day at Cheesy Jane’s

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved burgers and fun burger places. She would have had a blast with Coach, DeliveryBoy, and Amanda Hugginkiss
2. Parking lot is across the street and you have to walk across the surface of the sun to get to the building
3. I should have asked if they could pour chili and cheese all over everything
4. Coke products
5. I wanted to try the “spicy splinters” (battered peppers and onions), but I didn’t want to have a gastro-intestinal “incident” while toobing…

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