Monday, September 7, 2009

Kickball Prom – Minneapolis, MN

At the end of the “official” kickball season, the group hosts a kickball prom. Basically, people scrap together whatever outfits they can into some hilarious sense of high school formality. Some people go to Goodwill and get dresses or tuxes. And some people go all out and wear actual suits and bridesmaid dresses. Basically, it’s a chance for a bunch of people to get all juiced up, enjoy themselves, while making innocent drivers and walkers do double takes when they see us on the ball diamond dressed in our finest.

EyeHeartPizza hadn’t been to kickball yet, so she decided weeks ago that she would be my date for kickball prom. Apparently, I had no say in the matter. And similarly to high school prom, I wouldn’t have asked anyone to be my date. We had gone prom shopping while in the Quad Cities last weekend, so we were all set to go.

Some die-hards showed up early and decorated the backstop with balloons and streamers, and one of our local musicians provided a sound system with some sweet 80’s music to rock out to. HotGirlsBrother brought some plastic champagne glasses and all kinds of cheap (and sometimes pink) champagne for people to imbibe.

We split into teams, schoolyard style: two captains are chosen and then those people pick their team one at a time. I’m not ashamed to say I was picked first from the group. I’m also not ashamed to say I smack-talked everyone else for being losers as I walked to my respective (and respected) captain. Somehow we all came up with team names. Tonight’s battle would be the Kings of the Backseat vs. Off Like a Prom Dress!

I took TONS of video (seriously, like 40+ video clips), and crap loads of photos. I won’t put them all up here, due to space constraints, but suffice it to say, the night was well documented. It was totally out of control. I wish I had caught Jefe taking himself out on the first kick and falling on the ground, but I missed the shot. However, I DID catch Cole kicking the ball, losing his shoe, catching the shoe midstride and making it to first base. The best part is NOONE saw it happen!!! Classic.

After the 5th inning, everyone went out to the infield and we had an old fashioned high school dance. It was pure genius. A couple of bystanders walked past and stopped and admired us for a bit. They were interested in joining the league next season based on what they saw here. During the dance, we all voted on prom king and queen.

The game finished and the votes were tallied. RainbowBrite won for queen and the girl dressed in the sky blue Buddy-Holly-esque tux won the king.

It doesn’t matter. We had a blast. In fact, I don’t even remember who won the game. I was doing so much drinking…. I mean camera-work, that I wasn’t really focused on the game. They tried to find someone with one of those vine covered lattice arches to take prom photos under, but we couldn’t find one on short notice. So one of our guys ended up taking photos in front of the backstop. It was classy. I’ll post those photos when we get them back from the guy.

After all the festivities, people headed over to the Country Bar, but since I had 2 to 7 too many drinks already, it would not have been in my (or anyone else’s) best interest to go. Fortunately for me, I had a designated driver/awesome roommate, EyeHeartPizza, and she made sure I got home safe. I do remember her saying something about some of the stupid things I said to various people that I would never have said sober, but I can’t remember any details about who or what she meant. Probably for the best.

Top 5 things about Kickball Prom
1. Kickball + Prom – ‘nuff said
2. Watching Cole kick his shoe off and catch it
3. I made some amazing girly drinks, if I do say so myself
4. Watching people drive past and stop to gawk
5. I continue the years-long streak of my father not being able to look me in the eye

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved to play 80’s dress up and would have had an absolute blast going to prom with me. She, of course, would have rubbed it in that she actually went to numerous proms in high school, and I did not. Then she would have critiqued everyone’s outfit. hahaha
2. Seeing RainbowBrite’s thick black leg hair through his white leggings
3. I didn’t catch Jefe on film biting it on the first kick and it was hilarious
4. I wish I knew what hilarious offensive things I said to people later in the evening…or maybe I don’t want to know
5. I got outvoted for prom queen by two votes… sigh…


Nikki said...

Wow Lil' brother, I am impressed at how good you look in a prom dress! But I will tell you I thought my kids' friends were shocked BEFORE, this might push them over the edge!! LOL

Nikki said...
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Tandi said...

Wow! That's my little brother too. He is pretty cute. He probably gets it from his big sisters. My daughters friends all want to hang out with my our crazy brother. Who would have ever thought that our littlest bro would be the calm one.