Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Experimental Food Night (Cottage Pie Edition) – Minneapolis, MN

Trash, for some reason, loves it when I review her food. Then she can yell and pretend to be defensive and claim to cook other “good” foods, according to her. Honestly, everything she cooks is awesome, so I don’t know what she’s talking about. Maybe the vegetarians are considering revoking her card or something and it’s a defensive move. Whatever.

During this week’s experimental food night, Trash found something she thought would horrify M.Giant and I, but was saddened to hear we were both looking forward to it a great deal. EyeHeartPizza also thought it would be good, but she had made a comment about becoming a vegetarian, so I shot down her opinion right away. Trash wanted to make us Cottage Pie (also known as Shepherd’s Pie).

I’m not sure what part she thought we’d hate because the whole thing is one delicious layer after another. In fact, I’ve had tons of Cottage Pie, the best of which has been from my lovely friend Mandolin in sunny London. She made a Cottage Pie for me a while back, since this is the country that invented Cottage Pie), and was horrified that I ate the entire thing by myself. It was delicious.

This is basically an old timey sort of casserole (something Minnesotans EXCEL at) with a layer of meaty goodness (mixed with some veggies) on the bottom and then a layer of smashed potatoes on the top of the whole thing. Seriously, what’s not to like in this thing. I’ve decided it’s better that Trash makes things she thinks we WON’T like because I’m worried what we’d be eating if she made something she thought was tasty. This is one of drawbacks to having vegetarians make meat dishes for you. Thankfully, and to Trash’s highest credit, she is an amazing meat-cooker, and I appreciate every dish she’s ever made (even the beer-marinated steaks that were awful).

And to pay Trash back, I whipped up one of my (vegetarian-friendly) cheesy corn casserole (again, that’s what happens in Minnesota) for her as payment. This of course is always brilliant (thanks to my sister PalmMapper’s secret recipe – and owed to doubling the amount of cheese called for in the recipe – a little trick I learned from Gerd), so we all fought over it and ended up leaving almost none of it in the pan.

The Cottage Pie was fantastic. Honestly, it was layer after layer of awesomeness. The potatoes were slightly golden on the top of the thing and the layers were well defined. The dish didn’t get dried out or anything and, if I do say so myself, the corn casserole was a great compliment to the whole thing. I think Trash and I make a pretty good team. It’s odd that she cooks the meat and I cook the vegetarian stuff, but that’s beside the point. Both M.Giant and EyeHeartPizza said everything was perfect, and that’s high praise – they’re a tough audience.

I also got to try Sunkist Cherry Lime-ade, which is freaking incredible. I need to pick up a pallet of this stuff.

Go ahead, I dare you – ask Trash to make you something horrific. You won’t be disappointed at all.

No top 5 list. Deal with it.

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