Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alaska Airlines - Minneapolis to Seattle

We flew Alaska Airlines on our trip out to Seattle. We would both recommend it highly. They give a lot of freebies and really took care of us. That doesn't always happen in coach class, but this was a great flight.

The flight offered not just one complimentary beverage service, but TWO! And it was Jones Soda, not just standard coke/pepsi. We also got complimentary pretzels (which never happens any more).

Top 5 things about Alaska Air
1. Free Jones Soda. Twice.
2. No lines getting on the planes at all
3. We got gift certificates for McCormick & Schmick's for TWENTY dollars. Just for the heck of it.
4. Free snacks
5. You could get a burger if you wanted to pay a little extra.

Bottom 5 things (I only have 4)
1. Kind of rule sticklers about the policies (not really a bad thing I guess)
2. Couldn't see the eskimo on the tail of the plane
3. The pilot would get on the intercom every time we hit the tiniest bit of turbulence and apologize (probably a good thing, but wakes you up when you're sleeping)
4. They don't fly to all the places I want to go

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