Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pailin Thai – Seattle, WA

Gerd had never been to the fish market in Seattle, so we did a quick tour of that area. She liked it, but liked the French confectionary places much better. While there, we saw the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the street in a while. This really large African American homeless guy was walking across a crosswalk in front of a nice BMW. He stops and then totally starts dancing right in front of it at the stoplight. Seriously bustin out some hilarious moves for like a minute. He stops and walks the rest of the way across the street. Then, he offered these two conservative white people on the corner some of the weed he was smoking. They politely declined and he continued to take long pulls on the joint, not offended at all. Hilarious.

We attempted to find a Thai place called Buddha Ruska (I think). When we found it, it was closed, but Slutnik had a backup plan. She’s so prepared. We went to Pailin Thai (which is NOT a republican Thai restaurant). It’s a really nice place to get some really awesome Thai food.

We got to sit in what appeared to be some sort of glass enclosure like a greenhouse, which ended up being cold, but whatever. Gerd totally stole my idea for ordering, so I had to go with a second choice. She got the Pailin Special Noodle which is thin noodles, vegetables and your choice of meat covered with a peanut sauce. I got the Chef Special Noodle which was large noodles, vegetables, and eggs with choice of meat. Gerd’s meal beat mine hands down, although mine was REALLY good. I also make a habit of ordering my food too spicy for her to eat and she gets her revenge by not sharing. Just rude.

We would go here again, although the service was a tad slow. If you get a chance, sit near the fish tank. Chicken Little thought he saw a giant scary fish and it was an old lady sitting on the other side of the tank – THAT was funny.

Top 5 things about Pailin Thai
1. Pailin Special Noodle
2. Peanut sauce
3. Watching old people attempting to parallel park out front
4. The spicy-ness levels were perfect
5. Bath and body works soap in the bathrooms (Gerd’s comment, not mine)

Bottom 5 things
1. Kind of slow service
2. Soda in cans – the bane of Gerd’s existence
3. Cold greenhouse
4. The fish tank has scary anemones in it
5. Gerd totally ordered the thing I wanted


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Kevin said...

The guy that was smoking the joint was hilarious. He must have taken a 10-15 second drag on that thing.