Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talarico’s Pizza – Seattle, WA

Despite a long drive from Portland to Seattle (which I did in Chicken Little’s car while he slept), Chicken Little was feeling a bit better. He had had some crackers and was able to keep those down. So what’s the next natural step after crackers? Greasy pizza!!!

We went to Talarico’s Pizza which is a place known for awesome pizza and ginormous portions. Sounds good to me. And yes, I offered multiple times to go someplace else if it would be better for Chicken Little’s delicate stomach. He assured me it would be fine.

The place is super dark on the inside. You almost can’t see it is so dark. We grabbed a booth and ordered appetizers. Chicken Little ordered Garlic Bread, giving his stomach one last chance to surrender before moving on to pizza. Gerd and I ordered Meatball Sliders. We’re assuming the garlic bread was good mostly based on the fact that he kept it on the inside after he ate it. Our meatball sliders were exquisite! Great pizza sauce around a good meatball with a slice of parmesan cheese and a basil leaf (I think). Really awesome. Gerd claimed she should have ordered 16 of them, but she didn’t.

Gerd went with a slice of Oglio D’ Avio pizza which is goat cheese, garlic, arugula, mozzarella, and sauce. This didn’t contain any meat, so she ordered it with pepperoni. I got the “South Street’, which is Italian sausage, spicy sausage, mozzarella, and sauce. These pieces are literally 14 inches long and huge. I was going to eat a second one, but now I’m glad I didn’t. They’re giant pieces of pizza. And the best part is they are really tasty as well.
I told you they were big.

This place was hosting Karaoke as well – how convenient, right? Well, after we listened to a couple of songs we realized these were NOT our people. They were basically professional karaoke singers. People taking this laughable event far more seriously than it was ever intended. These people were REALLY good. Highlights include two guys doing an Evanescence song and this ancient man singing SUPER depressing old-timey songs in a warbley Bruce-Dickinson-vibrato voice. Slutnik eventually showed up but we told her these people were out of our league. Way out of our league.

The highlight of the event might have been when Chicken Little came back from the bathroom and told us he saw what appeared to be a super drunk lady being led to the restroom. It turned out the woman was blind. Nice, jerk. (And if you say she’ll never read this blog, you’re an even bigger hilarious jerk…)

Top 5 things about Talarico’s Pizza
1. Meatball sliders
2. Chicken Little kept his food inside this time
3. South Street pizza
4. Oglio D’ Avio pizza
5. Karaoke eye-candy

Bottom 5 things
1. Good singers make karaoke not fun
2. Too much arugula on Gerd’s slice
3. Gerd had issues with the mess in the ladies room
4. Fog of doom covered the planet while we were eating – worst fog I’ve ever seen, seriously
5. Had to wait FOREVER for Slutnik. Ha ha ha.


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