Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Egg and I – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd and I have driven by here on our way to one of our other favorite breakfast places – the Sunnyside Up Café. We got seated right away and then waited about 20 minutes to get our order taken. The weird thing was that no one else around us had food either. Every table near us had nothing on their table and were just waiting. Weird.

The lady eventually came to take our order. Gerd got the eggs, hashbrowns, and hamburger patty (it was close to noon, and she was contemplating a burger, so this suited both her mealtime needs). I got a #3 skillet, which was Mexican meat, cheese, and eggs in a skillet with American fries.

When our food came about 20 minutes later, Gerd wasn’t impressed. The eggs didn’t look real and the hamburger patty was overdone and flavorless. The best part of Gerd’s meal was the bagel which wasn’t made there at the restaurant. My food was not at all what I expected. The skillet had jalapeños and mushrooms in it and a severe lack of meat (Mexican or otherwise). The eggs were draped on the top like some sort of wrinkly old blanket. I wasn’t impressed at all.

We left more than half of both our meals on the plate when we left and the waitress hadn’t come back at all to check on us. We left and probably won’t be back anytime in the next decade or so.

Top 5 things about the Egg and I
1. In the Uptown area, so very easy to get to
2. Got seated right away on a Saturday morning
3. They seem to have plenty of staff, so why so slow?
4. Bagel
5. The hot chocolate that someone else ordered looked beautiful

Bottom 5 things
1. Slow service
2. Extra bland food
3. Inaccurate menu or chef (not sure which)
4. The menu had nothing that made it stand out – VERY standard fare
5. Their claim to fame is the “kamikaze” pancake – plain pancake with blueberries on top – whoa…

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Anonymous said...

this place is terrible, and over priced... will never go back. only good thing was the toast.