Sunday, January 4, 2009

Runyon’s – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd works downtown, so she’s driven by Runyon’s many times. I had heard it’s a place to get wings, but since I don’t like wings (see high-labor foods), I had to get something else. The place is a typical drinking establishment. A couple of booths, more high-top tables, and plenty of space at the bar.

The menu is pretty sparse, but has the standard bar food you’d find at most places. They seem to be known for their chili since they have some neon out in the front with the words “chili” - which meant I had to order the chili burger. Gerd got a side salad and a cheese burger. The guys helping assured us it would be out quick and it was.

The burgers were actually really good. The chili wasn’t phenomenal, but I’m glad I got a chili burger anyway, rather than a separate bowl of chili – I might have been disappointed. The combination was really good though. The cheeseburger Gerd had was really tasty as well. One thing that should get more attention is the fries. They are really tasty without being overly seasoned or salty. Very good.

We got in there and out of there pretty quick. No complaints. Just quality food and a decent price. We’ll head back here again at some point, for sure. Also, the Stevie Wonder poster is hilarious – you’ll know it when you see it.

Top 5 things about Runyon’s
1. Fries
2. Burgers
3. Super fast (because there wasn’t anyone else there)
4. Mirrors everywhere for people-watching (if there were people there)
5. Runyon Traveling All-Stars – pictures of people with other famous people or in interesting places wearing Runyon’s shirts – awesomely hilarious

Bottom 5 things
1. Kind of dreary being the only ones in there
2. No jucy lucy
3. Chili wasn’t phenomenal (wasn’t bad though)
4. Have to add more words that rhyme with onions
5. When I asked about pop, the guy said something about Shamrock. What the heck is that?

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