Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amore Victoria – Minneapolis, MN

This was Gerd and I’s first happy hour of 2009 – Hooray!!! We’ve driven past this place a number of times and saw the “1/2 price bottles of wine on Mondays and Tuesdays” sign on the front of the building. We checked it out and they had a happy hour as well, so we knew it was for us.

We arrived and told them we were there for happy hour and they seated us in the special “happy hour section” of the restaurant. Not sure what that was about, but it worked out well for us. We got a corner booth table and it was kind of cozy and dark.

There is a special happy hour menu and a special half-price wine list as well. We dove right in. We got an order of bruschetta, an order of caprese (which is basically bruscetta, but I wanted both – sue me), and a double order of meatballs. We also got a very nice bottle of Le Grande Noir Viognier 2006 (for half price – wurd).

Fortunately, the food came out in shifts because we ran out of room quickly on our small corner table. The bruscetta and caprese were really good. Lightly toasted bread with lots of toppings. There was a tad much of the basil, but that was easily thinned out. I managed to drip olive oil all over my nice shirt as well. Go me! The meatballs were really good and came swimming in a pool of rich and tasty meat sauce. Excellent. The wine was not what I expected, but we both liked it. Gerd was a bigger fan than I was, but I still managed to drink ¾ of the bottle, so it wasn’t THAT bad. Ha ha.

The service was excellent. Attentive, but not annoying. The place is small, but is still able to pack in a good crowd. We’ll definitely be back here. And I won’t spill on myself…

Top 5 things about Amore Victoria
1. Meatballs
2. Bruschetta
3. Caprese
4. Le Grand Noir
5. Happy hour goes until 7, contrary to the website’s posted time

Bottom 5 things
1. Spilled on myself
2. Heavy on the basil
3. Squeegie-ing out the women’s restroom while we were there. Some sort of “incident” apparently
4. The actual menu is enormous and everything looks good. Would take me forever to decide on actual dinner
5. People park like morons in the back (snow covered parking lot is the excuse)


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