Wednesday, January 28, 2009

India Palace – Eden Prairie, MN

We’ve got these “mandatory fun” times we have to do at work (it’s a long story, so I won’t go into it), so as a cop out, EnyaFace! decided to book a group lunch at India Palace. I believe she did it to snub me because the last time I had Indian food, I was with CorpseKitten, Trash, and Babo in Las Vegas – like 10 years ago – and I was forced to eat the children’s meal which was the only thing without curry. And I hated it. I have lived for years under the assumption I did not like Indian cuisine.

Wait, I’m lying. FunHater made me try some Indian food back in Illinois and I didn’t like it there either. That might have been due to the pink shampoo-flavored drink he made me try there also, though.

Since the thing was mandatory, I was forced to attend. It was a buffet set-up, so I was sure I could find something to eat, even if it was rice or bread (naan). I hopped in line and filled my plate with all kinds of things I’ll never remember the name of. Wait, I’m lying again, I picked up a to-go menu to refresh my memory as I’m writing this.

I tried Chana Masala, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka Masala, and some other rice thing with ground chicken, peas, and other bits (have no idea which one that was), all with some Basmati rice. I’d love to describe each one to you, but I can’t. I liked them all, but don’t remember any specifics. Super flavorful, nothing was soaked in Caraway, and I recognized almost everything I was eating.

I would eat here again and force Gerd to do the same. The buffet is the way to go at this place. Not for the unlimited portion aspect, but from the trying everything on the menu aspect. I may have to turn in my Indian-Food-Hater card after all.

Top 5 things about India Palace
1. Super friendly staff there
2. Things on the buffet are explained very well on cards above the food
3. Mandatory FUN, dammit!!!
4. I heard music that reminded me of Robbbb from Rockford
5. Enormous water glasses

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd will have to drive an hour to make it here for lunch
2. Noticed after I ate that they had Mountain Dew!!! Aaaagggghhhh!!!
3. I may have missed out on good Indian food when visiting Chicken Little and Slutnik in Seattle
4. I can no longer say I can eat anywhere except Indian food places
5. Can’t remember which things I ate, even with the menu in front of me


Anonymous said...

I bet the pop was in a can so Gerd would hate it! :-)

Hey, but you did have fun DAMN IT and you learned you can handle Indian cuisine.

Now we just need to find some beer that you can drink and your conversion to the Dark Side will be complete.

It wasn't too bad of an outing despite She Who Must Not Be Named in attendance.

Admit it: you will have a hard time topping this when YOUR turn comes for planning a mandatory fun event! We already know anything physical, like javelin throwing, frisbee golf, or horseshoes will not be permitted. Someone could get killed playing that s***!

EnYa Face!

Raisuddin tch said...
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