Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Mill - Seattle, WA

Gerd has multiple lists of "Top X In The Country." The Red Mill is a restaurant on the Top 20 burgers to try before you die list and Gerd is on a mission to complete this list. I went to the Red Mill when I was out in Seattle this past summer, so I was totally down with going here again. There's a reason it's on a few different lists (include an Oprah list of some sort).

Gerd got the recommended burger form the list - the double bacon deluxe with cheese. It's a monstrous burger covered in cheese and bacon. Gerd got an order of fries and a chocolate shake as well. The shake was kind of an average run of the mill shake (pun intended), but the fries were pretty darn good.

I got the BBQ Burger, which is a large burger with BBQ sauce, some special Mill sauce, tomato, lettuce, and jack cheese. I ate some of Gerd's fries (and got scolded severely) and had some of her shake as well. These are awesome quality burgers, so go here if you're in the area ever.

I looked over the wall protecting the kitchen area and saw the holy grail of bacon. It is a two foot high pyramid of bacon ready to go on the burgers. Best picture ever.

Top 5 things about Red Mill
1. Quantity of cheese
2. The bacon pyramid
3. Double bacon deluxe
4. BBQ burger
5. Fries

Bottom 5 things
1. Really sloppy to eat in the car
2. There is always a line
3. Cash only
4. There is quite a bit of dust on everything inside - just be prepared
5. Dirty hippies ordering veggie burgers


Kim said...

Ohh, the Mill! I live within walking distance, so will probably die of a heart attack while strolling there one time too many. If anyone in your party does eat onions, the rings are magnificent--and the slabs of breading that fall off of them are also delicious, if you don't mind something that has had proximity to the onion proper. They also used ol' Mt. Bacon very effectively in their print advertising, with a photograph of someone's small child sitting next to it, captioned thusly: Actual Size of Bacon Pile/Actual Size of Two-Year-Old.

Here via M. Giant, and now salivating helplessly.

Chao said...

Oh yeah, the rings are awesome. Slutnick forced me to try some last time I was out there. I love them, but the fries are enough to stuff me. I will have to track down the bacon-y advertising now. Thanks for the tip, Kim!