Sunday, January 18, 2009

Byzantion - Seattle, WA

Gerd and I took advantage of the three-day weekend and flew to Seattle to see some friends. After we landed, Chicken Little and Slutnik gave us a quick night-tour of Seattle, including the Seattle corn chute (his words, not ours).

We headed to a Greek restaurant, although it was not the first choice. The first choice of Greek restaurants had belly dancers, but not at the time we got in, so we went to another one called Byzantion.

The menu was quite extensive and had tons of different items on it. We started with a double of order of Saganaki (flaming cheese) - apparently Gerd and Slutnik weren't going to share. the cheese was really good, although the mother-daughter team had an issue lighting the second one. The splash of liquor caught the daughter's sweater on fire (just the sleeve). She apologized and said we'd have a good story - and yes we did. ha ha. She was really cool with it, but I'm sure it sucked.

Gerd got the Mousaka which kind of seemed kind of like a noodle-less lasagna. It's got eggplant and meat sauce covered with cheese and cheese. The cheese was really creamy and flavorful and the meat sauce was awesome as well. Really a good dish.

I got the Athens combination plate which had portions of a couple of things I couldn't decide between. It had lamb souvlaki - lamb on a skewer marinated in wine and olive oil; Keftethes - meatballs with tomato sauce and feta cheese; Tiropita - cheese and egg baked inside a phyllo pastry; and Dolmathes - grape leaves stuffed with rice, beef, tomato, and cinnamon. It was really delicious, especially the lamb. And last but not least, the vegetables that came with the meal were awesome. The zucchini and potatoes were great. I would order just potatoes if I went back there - superb.

We would eat here again, but I know there are many other Seattle places for us to try so we wont rush back or anything right away.

Top 5 things about Byzantion
1. Lamb
2. Nagasaki
3. Gerd's Greek lasagna (Mousaka)
4. Taters
5. Pastry thing (Tiropita)

Bottom 5 things
1. Slow on drink refills
2. Sweater on fire
3. Coach wasn't there to make comments about Greek girls
4. We sat close to the door and every time it opened, we froze
5. The grape leaves were really cinnamon-y

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outofsrvc said...

Casual cheese! I like it. The taters should have been number one.