Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grand Ole Creamery – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd almost always has a hankerin’ for ice cream after a solid meal. And we were headed near Carbone’s when she remembered the Grand Ole Creamery was nearby. Apparently, we just HAD to stop.

First off, I drove into the place, and couldn’t figure out where to drive. Yes, there was some snow on the ground, but there were these yellow posts all over the place. I ended up driving around back and parking because I couldn’t tell whether I was driving on the sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. Super frustrating (I have road rage issues to begin with, so that doesn’t help).

We asked for a couple of samples of flavors and were left unimpressed. We opted for what we thought were going to be standard flavors at a mom and pop place – the butterfinger ice cream and the key lime ice cream.

The ice cream had a really bad texture to it. It broke apart in chunks like it wasn’t made with milk at all, but rather some sugary mixture. It was crumbly and dry and not refreshing at all. Weirdest thing. The Butterfinger ice cream was some sort of homemade concoction of butterscotch, peanut better and chocolate. If you’re going to steal the copyrighted butterfinger name, then at least have the decency to crumble up real butterfingers in the ice cream. That would have helped, but wouldn’t have solved the texture issue. Gerd’s key lime ice cream came with some graham cracker crumbles and the same awful texture.

We didn’t even half of this crap and threw the rest out when we got home. It hadn’t even melted. I’m not even sure it was actually ice cream. I said it was like some sort of white trash astronaut dried freeze dried ice cream crumbles. I’d not go there if you’re looking for a refreshing treat for $4.50 per scoop.

Why can’t we franchise a Whitey’s ice cream up here in the Twin Cities?!?!

Top 5 things about Grand Ole Creamery
1. They have enough flavors to satisfy a lot of appetites
2. It’s not terribly out of the way
3. Frozen to-go treats and sundaes (not just scoops)
4. Guy working the counter was very friendly
5. Very easy to get in and out when there are subzero temperatures… ha ha ha

Bottom 5 things
1. Terrible texture
2. Parking lot logistics
3. Not cheap
4. Butterfinger wasn’t even close to butterfinger
5. You’d think creamery would mean the treats are creamy – wrong

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Matt said...

Whitey's can still blow me. hear that, Tunbergs? blow me.

(sorry, chao).