Friday, January 2, 2009

Baker’s Ribs – Eden Prairie, MN

I needed a place close to work for a quick lunch and I had driven past Baker’s Ribs many times. I looked it up and it’s part of a 10-store chain, with the only location outside of Texas being the one here in Eden Prairie. The website had a pretty thorough menu, so I went to check it out.

I wouldn’t fancy myself a rib connoisseur, but I do know my way around ribs and have eaten a LOT of ribs in my day, and yes, from different areas of the country, both chain and mom and pop places. This place was really good. Not chew your own leg off to eat there good, but for Minnesota, it was really good. And so you know, it’s white-guy Texas-style ribs, so no sauce is on them.

You order at the counter - I got a lunch special, 4 ribs and a side. The meat just fell off the bone, which is what you’d expect from quality ribs. There was a lot of meat on the bones, but once you peeled the meat off the bones, the bones dried up nice and clean, like properly cooked ribs should. No problems gnawing on bones at all. It came with a slice of buttered white bread – wurd. The baked beans were a tad onion-y for my taste, but they had a great flavor, so I survived. I got nice and full at this place, even on a lunch plate. There are a lot of places I’d order a full slab of ribs from and be able to finish them. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that here – they’re pretty meaty.

On top of awesome lunch/dinner stuff, you can buy bulk stuff for catering from these guys, which we just might do. Brisket, Hams, Chickens, wings, etc. It’s all really good. Just go here.

Top 5 things about Baker’s Ribs
1. Ribs – perfect with or without sauce
2. I got good and full for under $10
3. I don’t have to go to Texas to eat them
4. They have Strawberry Crush
5. Got in and out of there in under a half hour

Bottom 5 things
1. The décor just reminded me of Famous Dave’s for some reason
2. Onion-y beaked beans – again, that’s just me
3. Plastic silverware – call me an elitist
4. No moist towelettes (and you’ll need them)
5. TVs inside were showing soap operas

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